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Cairenn 10-24-15 04:09 PM

BC 2015 - UI community dinner POLL
So, we've had one suggestion that we try somewhere different this year. Rather than make a unilateral decision, I'm going to throw it out for you guys to decide. We can either stick with PF Changs, or the other two places we are looking at are McCormick's or Roy's, menus are linked. You can choose more than one. You can also suggest somewhere else entirely. If you do, post it in the thread. If a write-in gets more votes than any of the other three, we'll go with it.

Bluspacecow 10-25-15 11:14 AM

I was about to ask about this. I'll go for whichever gets me the most food for the least amount of money and is closest to walk to.

Would budgeting for $25 be enough :P

Seerah 10-25-15 12:09 PM


Originally Posted by Bluspacecow (Post 311573)
Would budgeting for $25 be enough :P

How much do you want to drink? ;)

They're all right next to each other. We're fine with any place, but P.F. Chang's is the more $ friendly choice.

Cairenn 11-02-15 05:52 AM

PF Change's it is. See everyone 9pm on Thursday! :)

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