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Fedaygin 08-09-19 07:33 AM

Bring these 4 addons to great
Golden Classic Azeroth Addons. I don't use Simplification addons like Raid addons in Classic Azeroth or ones that let you know how much ammo have if adventuring with Hunter. Hope Blizz keeps classes as they were in Classic <3

These not much much Char Progression simplifying addons would be nice to have here in great <3

1: Shaman Friend
2: Spartan UI
3: Eavesdrop Classic:

EDIT: Was meant to write 3 not 4.. Can't edit title :/

Thanks o/

Kindly: Fedaygin

SDPhantom 08-09-19 11:36 AM

It's up to the original addon author to upload these to WoWInterface.

Xrystal 08-09-19 05:19 PM

Are you sure those Classic versions are written by the original.

I am sure Eavesdrop and SpartanUI are already on here for regular WOW.

If the original developers decided not to make a Classic version for one reason or another then someone else may have done that ( hopefully with the original developers permission ).

So, you may want to contact the developer of those Classic versions.

Xrystal 08-09-19 05:21 PM

Actually on looking at that site .. someone has uploaded other peoples addons to the site without their permission. Someone has put nUI Classic on there without my permission and I am sure Scott would have told me if he had been asked about it.

Nevermind, they are just links to the sites the addons are found on. nUI correctly points to the page here.

------------------- About the Site ---------------------
Will It Classic is a World Of Warcraft fan site for the upcoming WOW Classic release.

It's one and only purpose, for now, is to give a place to track the status of upcoming addons for WOW Classic. You will find addons listed by one of three statuses.

Updated (Legendary Color)
Planned (Rare Color)
Not Planned (Poor Color)
We are a community driven site and rely upon you the fan to help track the status of your favorite addon. Please take a moment to search for your favorites. If you don’t find them why not add them?

Fedaygin 08-13-19 07:13 AM

Thanks for Reply & Details. Wonder if Minion works..
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Hmm wonder if Minion Client has Classic addons working for launch ? For few days i've tried to search any Wow Addons at Minion client "using with ESO only", but always end up finding 0x even retail Addons. I might start using ESO addons also via Twitch Desktop app if there's a backup option like Minion has. Will see about that later if can stand the hassle of redoing their settings in ESO if have to do it once reinstalled with Twitch Desktop App.

2nd thought / question: Wonder if Spartan UI works also with Classic at launch ? At Pre Launch Stress test i was using Stonewrought UI that's pretty Dwarven style UI & some other cosmetic addons. Not ones that simplify prog. At latest vid that saved in Twitch has Antonil'z UI, Dominos & couple others in use. Prob. installing Stonewrought UI with Dominos at launch & using Squidframe. It's available here in Hope it works with Classic's Re-Release. Can see my UI setup from my Twitch channel which can be found from my Profile page ^^ I hope i can find most addons shown on this vid's details area here in :)

I'm not gonna use all shown on the video cause some are ruining the Classic feeling & they also simplify the char progression too much. Def. NO to Questie, Trinketmenu & & same with Joanasworld Classic Leveling Guide. Shame on this person for showing questie for example as many who dive into Classic go there cause of the fine Non Simplified features :) Those that were not integrated by Blizzard in good old early days <3 Many also drool for golden Talent Trees & other early days gameplay features like able to use 3x Warrior Stances, Feed specific food to Pet, using Ammo & to watch for Pet's Happiness :D <3

Can't wait to Fish up tasty Fishies for mi Pet like i did in golden early days
. Would be nice to have Housing & Farming in Azeroth & then feed your Pet with the Veggies that got from your Farm :P Ok almost forty's RPG'er starting to dream too much.. Here's image from my current Favs list.

Wish nice gaming & time in Golden early Days Azeroth for everyone o/

Kindly: Fedaygin

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