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Spectro 04-16-09 12:43 PM

Stretched quest watch & quest items

This isn't really a new issue. I had it before 3.1 but was too lazy to post. A quest name + the quest giver's name is stretching my quest watch window. I am running a pretty low resolution, so screen "real-estate" is valuable. Is there a way to make it so it cuts off at a certain length? I noticed there was an option to keep it at a fixed size, but then it had a scroll bar and I didn't like it.

Also, would it be possible to add a feature in the future like Blizzard's new quest tracker feature with quest items showing up next to the quest in the tracker?


psbrunet 04-16-09 02:11 PM

I second both of these. The window can get a bit wide with some quests, and the new quest item feature of blizzard's quest tracker is really nice, I just like Carbonite's tracker much better.

Thanks :)

Unbelievable 04-16-09 09:59 PM

You can work around this problem. Open Carbonite options (right click the C minimap icon and select options). Then select "Quest Watch" tab. Check the box for "Use fixed size list" at the bottom. This puts all of the quest text into a window with a vertical scroll bar. This window can be resized by dragging the its borders about with the mouse (same as the carbonite map).

You may want to right click the title of the quest watch/tracker window and set transparency to 0 to make it look more like the non fixed size list.

Hope this helps :)

Haavok 04-16-09 10:39 PM

Finish 'High Commander Halford Wyrmbane' :D

skyesfury 04-17-09 02:36 AM


Originally Posted by Haavok (Post 127762)
Finish 'High Commander Halford Wyrmbane' :D

Or right-click the button next to the long quest name and choose "Remove Watch". Almost always the quest is to be turned in to someone in a larger quest hub anyway, so watching that one quest isn't an issue when it's time to turn it in. For those rare occasions where he's off somewhere else, just make a mental note (or a post-it note) to hunt him down at your earliest convenience.

And people somehow think QH is better than Carbonite..... I want whatever their sniffin. That's gotta be some good glue.

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