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Garoun 11-25-05 04:16 PM

Link Info of Item -> a savedvariables file
Anyone know of any mods that can capture item info from something I view the link of and saves it in a format that I could then view in plain text outside of wow?

I know most mods use the internal wow item link but I'm looking for the raw data about the items I see a link of :/.

click on [Some Uber Item]

Stores and saves: [Some Uber Item] - info - Stats - special abilities

Elkano 11-27-05 03:52 AM

Well, lootlink used to do sth like this. (I don't know if it still does).
The information you are looking for is allmost only accessable by parsing the items tooltip and either storing the whole text or trying to match specific patterns with it (which sometimes failes :( )

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