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Tubben 12-21-10 05:09 AM

Gatherer Database?

I hope i just do something wrong. Before Cataclysm i was able to open Carbonite Options, go to guide and the import the Gatherer database.

After this i would see the Gatherer nodes on the Carbonite minimap. I could the go to route/current gather locations to get an route of nodes.

After Cataclys i have an large Gatherer database, and on the normal map i DO see the nodes. On the Carbonite minimap i dont.

I can also only import Carbonite and Cartographer Nodes, but NOT the Gatherer nodes.

Speaking about the new zones.

Can someone lighten me up a bit ?

Thanks alot.


Tubben 12-23-10 12:05 PM

No one knows? ;-/

Sythalin 12-27-10 01:24 AM


Originally Posted by Tubben (Post 224215)
No one knows? ;-/

I've never seen an option for importing Gatherer node locations. I think you may be mistaken Gatherer for another addon, or had Gatherer on the whole time and didn't realize it.

Chrysm 01-03-11 08:03 AM

I thought I saw that option a long time ago in the early releases but, I'm usually wrong :D

I was using Gathermate I believe (the one where you can download the separate db) and the icons will come in semi-transparent. So, as you mine or herb, Carbonite will become populated. Either that or wait until Carbonite Nodes is updated.

smedeley 01-04-11 12:55 AM

You're thinking of the import feature for Cartographer Bookmarks/Notes. I haven't used Cartographer before so I don't know if it records resource nodes. There is also an import feature for Carbonite Data also, this latter one is the one that imports resource nodes, but only from Carbonite data, if I recall correctly.

Right now, just started actually, I use Gatherer along with Carbonite. If carbonite doesn't show enough nodes for me to make good routes, I toggle on Gatherer in that area and go mining, which slowly populates any missing nodes Carbonite has.

Keep in mind, a lot of node locations in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdom changed with Cataclysm, which is why some areas are void now of node data in Carbonite.

carboniteaddon 01-04-11 01:13 AM

The only addon node import we had was for Cartographer nodes and I removed that in 4.033, since the code is very old.

4.033 added 7000 herb, 5000 mining, 2100 artifact and 36 gas nodes to Carbonite Nodes.

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