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tinyu 05-04-20 10:29 PM

Interrupt Addon
I am looking for an addon that will announce to Party/Raid when I get Silenced/Interrupted and how long the Silence/Interrupt lasts for.

For instance if I am healing and I get Silenced for 10 seconds it will report to Party/Raid "NAME *Silenced/Interrupted* for 10 seconds" and if I try to heal someone before the Silence/Interrupt has ended then it will resend the message only updated with current time remaining.

tinyu 07-03-20 10:58 PM

I take it no such addon exists?

Xrystal 07-04-20 04:45 AM

There appears to be several interrupt announce/display addons. Some with timings some without. You could probably create one that does exactly what you want but I couldn't see one that does everything you want.

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