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MuffinManKen 09-11-20 03:49 PM

How to figure out if an item id is valid?

I'm messing around with a item data extractor and a few items are tripping me up. Specifically, unimplemented recipes. For example, ID: 52497 wasn't implemented, but the various Item querying things all show that it's valid.

The only sign I have now is that the tooltip seems to never finish updating (the item it should craft stays at "Retrieving item information"). I hate to rely on that behaviour because there are delays in getting that info and I'd like something more reliable.

Any thoughts?

DahkCeles 09-11-20 07:57 PM

Does this work:

MuffinManKen 09-12-20 12:37 PM


Originally Posted by DahkCeles (Post 336828)

Sadly, it does not. Is there a way to get the item ID for the item a recipe crafts? That method should return false for that item.

sezz 09-12-20 02:54 PM

GetItemInfoInstant maybe?

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