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Dawn 09-08-16 02:56 PM

nameplate elements issue
I'm currently trying to clean up my nameplates. I fail to find a resource that tells me what are the names of the new elements on nameplates. Like EliteIcon, "EyeofSauron", CombatIcon, ... where do I find some info on how to manipulate those elements? Like I said, I even fail to get the proper frame names for them. :o

I already tried stuff like


only results in nil errors, propably because of using the wrong name.

Something like "frame:GetRegions()" still working?

sticklord 09-09-16 12:12 PM

You can find many of them here.

What you're looking for is ClassificationFrame and aggroHighlight. Think the other one is removed.

I'm still working updating this and I'm still confused about the manabar and class resource things.

Dawn 09-09-16 02:32 PM

Thanks, I look into it. :)

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