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z3ro46142 09-17-13 06:24 AM

Character Portrait & Totem Pictures
Hi, i'm brand new to this interface and was wondering how Mayron made the character portrait smaller like he had in the picture is not center and is widened to the point where you don't see the whole picture. Same with my Target Portrait. Where do I find the setting to change it to where Mayron had his in the setup video?

I was also wondering if there was a setting to where the pictures of my totems are displayed like where the regular WoW UI had...Just in case I have to recall the totem.

Phanx 09-17-13 01:51 PM

FYI this site hosts thousands of addons, and these forums are site-wide, not addon-specific, so you should probably mention which addon(s) you're asking for help with. A link to the addon's download page is also helpful, but if you're especially lazy, just the name will do.

z3ro46142 09-17-13 02:41 PM

That's the problem, i'm not even sure which addon it would be included's one that is built in with the direct download but once again i'm new to this UI so I don't know where most of the stuff is even after watching the UI setup tutorial video. But I can't find the option to change the character portrait size to how Mayron had his set up in his video. :(

Fizzlemizz 09-17-13 02:48 PM

Edit: Mayron uses Shadowed Unit Frames, you might try asking over there.

z3ro46142 09-17-13 03:05 PM

Thank you Fizzle :)

Seerah 09-17-13 03:26 PM

Just to clarify, you're referring to the Mayron UI download, no? This is the kind of information Phanx was talking about. ;)

If you ARE talking about the Mayron UI download, then this sounds like a question for Mayron himself. Not for the author of the Shadowed UF. They have no idea how he intends for it to be configured and why yours may be different than his.

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