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Coasty 03-06-13 10:07 PM

Aplha 3 Map Display Bug
I installed Alpha 3 yesterday and then updated to WoW 5.2 but didn't log into the game until today. It didn't take long to notice (in Valley of the Four Winds) that Carb was displaying my toons position on the map twice, with one of the positions being obviously wrong. This only happens on Carbs map, it doesn't happen with the Blizz map (alt-m). I don't know if this just an alpha 3 bug, or an interactiion between alpha 3 and WoW 5.2, but it definitely wasn't happening yesterday with alpha 2 and WoW 5.1.

Here's a screen shot showing what I'm talking about. My correct position is the small arrow by the two green circles. The big arrow, off to the left and down, is the wrong position.

Not a biggie as things go, as it's not generating any LUA errors, just a bit of an eyesore...

Rythal 03-06-13 10:25 PM

fixed in the 5.1.3 I just uploaded, doing the fixes now to 5.2.1 which i'll upload as alpha 4 shortly.

Rythal 03-06-13 10:36 PM

further to that... I just tested, and all my notes came forward when I hit import after my first load.

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