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Coasty 05-24-13 05:47 PM

5.3.0-Alpha-1 Carbonite-nUI Plus v5.07.32 Mini-map Display Problem
The default mini-map in nUI is square in shape when the mini-map is managed by nUI, however with WoW patch 5.3 Blizzard obviously changed something. With patch 5.3 Carbonite is over-riding nUI and a round mini-map is instead displayed as the nUI default, turn Carbonite off and nUI works just fine.

Issuing the nUI command '/nui roundmap' twice does reset the map back to being square, BUT, only for the immediate game session. Logging out or exiting the game resets the map back to being round, so you have to manually reset the map back to being square every time you switch to another character or re-log back into WoW. At least that's what's happening for me.

A little investigating showed that the problem I'm seeing is a combination of Blizzards release of patch 5.3 and an interaction between nUI Plus v5.07.32 and Carbonite 5.3.0-Alpha 1. If I turn off Carbonite then nUI displays its default square mini-map. With both Carbonite/nUI active, Carbonite is now over-riding nUI with a round mini-map even though Carbonite itself is configured to displayed a square mini-map, which is strange as you'd think you'd also see the square mini-map in nUI.

At this point I don't know which of the two addons is the one trampling over the other, as this wasn't a problem before WoW patch 5.3 and the two addons co-existed with each other just fine.

As addon problems go this is definitely a minor one, but it'd be nice if it was fixed as I definitely prefer a square mini-map and not having to manually fix it each time I switch characters or start a new WoW gaming session.

I also left a bug report about this problem on the nUI Bug Reports forum.

Rythal 05-24-13 07:53 PM

It's entirely carbonite's fault... because carbonite now makes sure it loads after the game is up and running, while your other addons are doing everything during the loadscreen. Looking into what I can do to fix what's happening.

Coasty 05-25-13 05:40 PM

Ahh... Well... That sure answers the question... :)

Well, it's not exactly what you would call a major problem. So, when you figure out a fix, what the heck, you get it fixed...

mrtchandler 05-26-13 02:12 AM

Is the load after game starts the same issue that Tom Tom emulation is no longer working as well?

Rythal 05-26-13 11:03 AM

Yes, because the tomtom version isn't being set until after addons look for it.. it'll be fixed in next release.

mrtchandler 05-26-13 02:17 PM

Cool and as usual keep up the good work:D

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