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PeterGunn 01-06-15 10:27 AM

Addon Idea Possibility!!!
Is there a possible already existing add-on that will change the color of my Garrison Hearthstone. I know they are currently different colors (SHADES), but I would like to see it a drastic change so in one of those moments I go whoop I forgot and hearth myself from my Garrison to my Garrison!!! Maybe RED or Black!!! Thoughts anybody already got one doing this at all?

Choonstertwo 01-06-15 10:43 AM

This should be fairly easy to do yourself.
  • Download the icon from Wowhead
  • Open it in an image editing program like GIMP (not MS Paint)
  • Edit the image until you're happy with how it looks
  • Save it as INV_Garrison_Hearthstone.tga
  • Create a folder called ICONS in your WoW\Interface folder
  • Put the edited image in the ICONS folder
  • Restart WoW

Your custom icon should now be displayed instead of the default one.

If it displays as a green square instead, try follow this guide to save the TGA in the proper format.

Tonyleila 01-06-15 01:08 PM

I had the same Idea after klicking the wrong one several times... I'll upload a new icon as addon tonight if you want.

Tonyleila 01-06-15 04:47 PM

Here you go:

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