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Boocoo 09-11-16 04:38 AM

align/justify quest tracker?
Anyone know of an add-on that allows me to justify the quest tracker to scroll up and right instead of down and left?
Or a replacement with that functionality?

Seerah 09-11-16 12:19 PM

What do you mean by "scroll up and right"? Perhaps your definition of "scroll" is different than mine?

Boocoo 09-11-16 02:27 PM

I mean grow upwards, from the bottom of the screen.

maybe it's tricky with the quest tracker because it's pretty dynamic with regard to bonus objectives etc., but I don't know.

Seerah 09-11-16 04:08 PM

The quest tracker builds itself top-down. I think only an addon that fully replaces the tracker would be able to reverse that. Most (including mine), if not all, that I know of only modify the default quest tracker. However, my addon allows you to set the height of the quest tracker as tall/short as you would like to fit your UI and screen placement - it then allows you to scroll with the mousewheel through everything in the tracker window instead of hiding what is out of view. Clicking the collapse/expand button when the tracker is located in the lower-left of your screen will also cause it to expand/collapse the direction you are looking for.

Boocoo 09-12-16 01:20 AM

ah great, if I can anchor it at the bottom and limit the height of the window, that should suit me nicely.
many thanks, I'll try it out later today. Love the UI in screenshots 2 and 3 btw.

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