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DrunkenDonkey 04-08-09 02:20 PM

Ulduar map?
Latest 2.95 of the carbonite was showing nothing inside ulduar while blizzard's default provided a map of the area. Since ulduar is closed for quite some time, does the 3 supports ulduar?

Spahut 04-10-09 05:51 AM

You shouldn't post when you are drunk.

Since Ulduar hasn't been released yet, there is no map. With the next patch there will be maps for Nothrend Dungeons. I think its likely the carbonite people will add them then.

DrunkenDonkey 04-10-09 06:00 AM

Ulduar is released frankly, if nothing goes wrong, next wed we have it. I have played a lot on the ptr and carbonite had severe issues there, with the last one it was showing a huge black thing instead of ulduar big map. I will be inside ulduar few hours after servers come back online and was just asking if I should disable carbonite from the start or the map is added. It is very very normal to expect an addon to be ready for the next patch, not start after it goes live and all hell breaks lose. I already ensured and patched my addons to work with 3.1, so asking if carbonite have done that.
Glad most addon authors are "drunk" enough to be ready for the next patch rather than having to wait several weeks to get your interface working back.

Doomlord 04-10-09 06:40 AM

I'm sure Carbonite Team is doing everything it can to bring a compatible version of Carbonite as soon as 3.1 hits. Lets wait and see ^^

Spahut 04-11-09 07:45 AM

Your nickname is DrukenDonkey, and your post didn't make much sense to me.

Its interesting your say carbonite worked for you on the ptr, since it didn't for me.

As for other addons, we'll you're lucky, most of the addons i've been using are rarely fixed until day, weeks (and sometimes never) after a patch.

But I'm sure the people who do this voluntarily will fix the carbonite problems. In time.

Haavok 04-11-09 10:27 AM

We will try to get this addressed before the next patch.

Doomlord 04-14-09 09:18 AM


Originally Posted by Haavok (Post 125508)
We will try to get this addressed before the next patch.

Before tomorrow it seems.

carboniteaddon 04-14-09 10:21 AM

Actually, 3.001 only has 1 minor know bug with the 3.1 patch changes, which is that the player facing code for the map arrow cannot find the minimap arrow, so it uses the point in the direction you move code. This is fixed and will be in the next Carbonite version we release.

Haavok told me that someone told him that there was some error when you enter Ulduar. Everytime I tried to get in it on the PTR this week, I would get booted out after a short load screen, so I'll have to try it on the live server today.

Spahut 04-14-09 05:31 PM

I'm just worried about the kill lag bug still being there... you never did find out how to remove the 'maps shows wrong area' bug :-/

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