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samyonair 09-17-16 12:58 AM

Thanks to Rythal

sadly I have bad news from latest commit on github by Rythal


Maintainer changes
As I mentioned on IRC earlier this week, I'm stepping back and ceasing further work.

All I have to say in this dark moment of Carbonite is to thank Rythal for the great work over the past years to let carbonite work as it worked.

I wish you all the Best for the future.

I was part of a great Community added many translation terms, flightpath, and so on sadly I have only little undestanding in lua so I cannot take over this great addon.

My hope is someone take over this Project and works together with us in the Community, because I like this great addon.

greetings Samyonair

Yuriko 09-17-16 09:16 AM

Sadness. <3

R_OReilly 09-18-16 12:58 PM

Yes, a heartfelt thanks to Rythal for his work over the past few years.

Carbonite was the first addon I ever downloaded and it's been a staple in my config ever since. Hoping this great community and the folks who've been on the dev team continue to work on this greatest of addons.

Svegan 09-19-16 06:39 AM

From what I have seen, the dev team is stepping up, as there have already been new commits on git, to continue the work Rythal started on the new, faster, questing module. I have been running the latest git version with zero errors so far. Fifteen toons, all classes, most races, (not gnome) and levels 100 to 110, horde and alliance. No errors so far.

ircdirk 09-19-16 01:53 PM


Originally Posted by Svegan (Post 319172)
From what I have seen, the dev team is stepping up, as there have already been new commits on git, to continue the work Rythal started on the new, faster, questing module. I have been running the latest git version with zero errors so far. Fifteen toons, all classes, most races, (not gnome) and levels 100 to 110, horde and alliance. No errors so far.

Credit goes to Rythal... i just fixed minor bugs.

Elwe Ewing 09-19-16 02:47 PM

Many thanks to Rythal, absolutely, as Carbonite have been my (and not only my) "core add on" since the very first time I've been in WoW (thanking a friend to have adviced it to me).
And thanks to the whole crew too. :)

As Carbonite is so complete tool, which does so many needed things, I'm sure there will be some good LUA programmer, with time to spend, which will take over the hard work.
Hope Rythal won't be miss in the process: having less time to spend on the tool he may continue to look the overall process, I hope.

Rythal 09-19-16 05:28 PM

I feel I should say something on this...

While I appreciate all the thanks, the truth is I stepped back for selfish reasons.

I started my updates to Carbonite as a Fan back when MoP was first entering testing and we had not seen any updates from the original authors. I had done the updates for myself, as Carbonite was an addon I felt I could not live without, and I shared what I had done with everyone else who also felt they needed it.

Now here we are 2 expansions later, and I still did the updates mostly for myself and not the community as a whole, but it was starting to feel almost like a second job. Putting off real world commitments with my girlfriend, finding myself at 3-4am still debugging things when I had work in a couple hours, delaying actually playing the new content to fix bugs that effected everyone else but me (still no idea why lol) I realized it really had become an unpaid second job.

So I decided to step back, to remove myself from that position. I am not giving up on Carbonite, but i'm going back to working on it for myself.. to add things to it that I want and make it do the things I want, things I've always wanted that other addons do so I kept out of Carbonite, but I in my head and mind always thought I'd prefer it if Carbonite handled it, instead of other addons like SilverDragon and Moggit (both amazing addons I use daily, just would prefer more integration with Warehouse, or Tracker) ... now I can do that, I can write that stuff and not have to worry about it or publishing it.

And I do feel guilty about stepping back when people were counting on me, if any of the five donators who sent me a donation in the last couple months (I won't name them) want their money back, I will be happy to refund it, just send me a private message.... anyone who was before then, too bad :P you got your use of the addon

cruizok 09-20-16 01:11 PM

Man, it's sad to see you go! I know this is hard & time consuming. I've always been amazed anyone would take so much time to work, and it IS work, on something for a bunch of strangers to have fun playing...while you worked day and night :-)

Thanks tons for all your effort, it is a great addon, and you've made it that. Always updating and getting it where it needed to be as the game changed over and over. My thanks to all the others who commit time and effort also. Those of us who can't do this owe you all a lot for making our play time so very much happier.

That said, I sure hope this addon keeps going somehow. It really truly does make my game time worthwhile. When I've had to play without it, the game became irritating to the point I would just log off and consider canceling. Seriously! This addon makes so many things Blizz mucked up, work the way they always should have.

So, good luck Rythal on your new freedom :-) I'll be checking back here for updates, and thanks in advance to anyone else who decides to help keep Carbonite alive! Crossing my fingers some amazing folks will step up when they can, and keep our gaming simple, fun, and functional thanks to Carbonite

Svegan 09-20-16 03:44 PM

There does appear to be an ongoing community support, others are stepping up and maintaining the addon, so I believe it will be in good hands. Rythal deserves the opportunity to enjoy the game, and not worry about anything but having fun. He also deserves to be able to spend time with family, as that should always be more important than a game. I hope everyone who does work on this knows how much we appreciate them and also that they do not get so involved, that family life suffers. I make my living from this game, by building fast computers for people to use to play it, but my family also is the most important aspect of my life. Family should always come ahead of work, and other worldly pursuits. I am glad that Rythal is going to get to spend more time, doing fun things.

Swirrel 09-22-16 04:02 AM

I started using Carbonite back in TBC, so when the original authors stopped developing Carbonite I was more than just a little screwed og lost.
When Rythal picked it up in MoP, and decided to eventually publish his work on this amazing addon I was really really happy.

No matter the reason for which he picked it up and now putting it down, those of us who's been using Carbonite should be more than just grateful.

Ofc spending all his time on a "second job" is no fun. I'm sure most if not all of us, have tried something similar at least once in our life, and Rythal deserves to have a life that doesn't necessarily involve Carbonite.

Enough said: Rythal: Thank you!

To any devs reading these comments, you may just be fixing bugs here and there, but if it weren't for Rythal picking it up in MoP and you continuing fixing bugs, us Carbonite users would have had to find other addons that could do what Carbonite does, and it's like isn't out there.
So to the devs too: Thank you.

Yuriko 09-23-16 09:21 AM


Originally Posted by Rythal (Post 319187)
I feel I should say something on this... (snipped)

No need to feel guilty. The fact that you've kept up with it for this long, putting yourself out when you didn't have to, and owed nothing to any of us, makes you amazing!

While I'm jealous of whatever you might add to your personal copy in the future, I'm happy to see that you've taken the step to ensure that you actually get to enjoy things and have a life again! You need that, and so would anyone else. :D

Elwe Ewing 09-25-16 08:19 AM

As there are so many players who needs Carbonite, using it daily, I think there will be some able to develop it, I hope there will be many, so to have time to take care of the modules, not ending to have the whole weight on their shoulders like you had, Rythal.

Other addons are being developed this way (e.g. Auctioneer have a nice crew which works on the modules).
Maybe asking to Norganna's devs if they like to take care of the whole thing, so to have the time to develop what you prefer, or just to remain as the project leader.

Finally, a donation is a donation, not a payment for some service: it's always done for the time one enjoyed the Carbonite. Not to be guilty, then, about that. :)

If you feel guilty about to leave things to "the community", I can suggest a cure: search for a dev-team who can take care of the addon. That will be the very best gift you can do us, the community. ;)
If you like to, not a must.

All apart, I'm happy you choose for your time, life and freedom as they're what it counts. :)

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