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TedSavoy 04-01-17 08:24 AM

Websites and Help Programs external to WOW
I have been using and for help with quests in game(WOW) for several years and several operating systems including Windows 10 on my computer. here lately when trying to access either wowhead or Thottbot, I keep getting the following message and am unable to access either.

This site canít be reached took too long to respond.
Checking the connection
Checking the proxy and the firewall
Running Windows Network Diagnostics

Has anyone else had the same problem, or does anyone have an idea to the solution? Anything that works would be appreciated. Have fun in the game! :confused:

If there is another good help website for World of Warcraft, I would appreciate the name.

Banknorris 04-01-17 10:02 AM

I think I had this problem in the past. Try syncronising your computer time using

Fizzlemizz 04-01-17 10:06 AM

I have no problem getting to WowHead.
Thot. is now owned by Zam/WowHead which might explain why you're having trouble with both.

Seerah 04-01-17 12:03 PM

Thottbot hasn't been a thing for years. It was bought by ZAM and redirected to Wowhead in.... 2010?

Dolby 04-01-17 08:08 PM

We are not part of ZAM any more (we're on our own) but I believe wowhead / thott are using some anti-adblocking stuff that tries to get around your blocker (seems to work on chrome with adblock or ublock :() so if you have an adblocker enabled try disabling it once and see if the page loads for you.

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