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IseriSwiftsong 05-13-09 03:52 AM

A D20 addon, good idea?
Hello there.

I'm a roleplayer, and I'm interested in roleplaying addons - or really just things to do with roleplaying in general. This is an idea that I've had, and I'm sure I'm not the first on this.

Roleplaying has a lot of issues that I won't get into, because it's a pretty boring story for now. But let me take you back some years ago to the time when you were actually seeing friends and we all sat around a table playing D&D with oddly shaped dice.

Blizzard actually released a bunch of books for a Warcraft/WoW D&D campaign set. It's mostly intended to be played face to face around a table, but there's no real reason why it can't be played over the internet.

And so if we know that it can be played over the internet, there's no reason why it shouldn't be possible to play it over WoW for roleplaying purposes. Luckily for us in WoW we also have a wonderful set of tools to develop our own extensions (rusty here and there, but it's not bad).

I'm thinking it's fairly easy to create an addon with a character sheet tool (where you can type it in and the DM can make changes), auto rolls (DM sets DC, chooses character, etc.) and maybe even combat.

There are several issues that one will face. First of all, copyright. I'm not sure just how far this open game license stretches, and especially if we want a DB with WoW specific items. Especially now that Blizzard has been sending C&Ds.

Secondly there's the issue of actual implementation. With things like D&D we know a lot of people like to bend the rules. If an implementation of any kind of "helper addon" comes around, it shouldn't take over. That is, nothing should be required, and if the users choose, everything should be ignorable and free-form.

If I want a different character sheet, the addon should allow that, not box me into it, for instance.

Lastly, it's a question of how D20 really translates into a fun experience over WoW. Running campaigns with it sure sounds great, but will it really be fun, and will an addon allow it to be less cumbersome to begin with?

Is anyone doing this kind of thing, or has done this thing before? Or any thoughts on it, really?

I'm not posting this on the interface request forum, because this is just random musings, really.

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