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Petrah 07-12-09 05:59 AM

PS CS 8 - Slicing and Converting Your Layout Image
(Requesting sticky, please.)

I am using Adobe Photoshop CS 8 for these instructions:

Open your finished 2560x512 image. Make sure that your background layer is transparent. Up top click on Layer and then choose Merge Visible.

Choose your Slice tool (or hit K on your keyboard). Right click over your image and choose Promote to User Slice. Right click once more over your image and choose Divide Slice. Put a tick in the box for Divide Vertically Into and you want 5 slices across, evenly spaced. (Put a tick in the box for Preview if you want, although not needed.) Click Ok.

Go up to File and choose Save for Web. This will open an Image Ready window. On the right side of that window from the Preset dropdown menu choose PNG-24 and put a tick in the box for Transparency. On the left hand side, be sure that the Slice Select Tool is chosen. Click Save. (This assumes you've already created an empty folder to place the images.) Click Save once more and it will save all 5 sliced images into a subfolder named "images".

You will need the image converter located here on WoWI. Drop the exe file into the folder where your sliced images are located. Now (with your mouse) drag one png file at a time over the top of the BLP2PNG.exe file and it will convert it to a blp file. Do that with your remaining png files and you're done converting your images ;)

Petrah 07-12-09 05:59 AM


spiel2001 07-12-09 06:31 AM

This is the tool called "WoWImage" I use to convert from PNG to BLP and visa versa... it's a really nice, easy to use, applet. You can drag and drop multiple files onto it at one time to batch convert them, as well, as opposed to one file at a time.

And my thanks to Silenia for putting these two guides together.

havoxx 07-18-09 12:04 PM

Just for reference, using CS4 you don't need to merge any layers, just save for web and it will do it automatically, without modifying the original file.

vAzNKNiGHT 08-05-09 04:58 PM

Wait, there's a PS CS8 out? I've seen CS5, but have yet to see CS8.


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