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Tealy 01-02-06 10:08 PM

How can I create a template button?
How can I create a template button? ;)

Gello 01-03-06 09:15 AM

To make a button a template add a virtual="true" in the opening tag:

<Button name="MyButtonTemplate" virtual="true">

To use: <Button name="MyButton1" inherits="MyButtonTemplate"/>

For instance this is a button template that's 96x32 with an OnEnter, OnLeave and OnClick.

<Button name="MyButtonTemplate" inherits="UIPanelButtonTemplate" virtual="true">
<AbsDimension x="96" y="32"/>
MyMod_MyButton_OnTooltip() -- display tooltip for this button

Then you can reuse that template to lay out buttons without declaring all the rest:

<Button name="MyButton1" inherits="MyButtonTemplate" text="One" id="1">
<Anchor point="TOPLEFT"/>
<Button name="MyButton2" inherits="MyButtonTemplate" text="Two" id="2">
<Anchor point="TOP"/>
<Button name="MyButton3" inherits="MyButtonTemplate" text="Three" id="3">
<Anchor point="TOPRIGHT"/>

In the MyMod_MyButton_OnClick() to determine which button was pressed you use 'this' which is always the frame that calls an event handler:

this:GetID() = 1, 2 or 3 (due to the id="1" to id="3" tags)
this:GetName() = "MyButton1", "MyButton2", "MyButton3" (from the name= tags)
this = MyButton1, MyButton2, MyButton3 (the frame itself)

Tealy 01-03-06 04:13 PM

Thank you so much..
Is there any way to create a template button with WoW UI Designer?

Nulkris 01-03-06 10:39 PM

You need to create a skin in which you can define new button templates to place onto forms.

See to get started.

Suppi 12-15-06 04:00 AM

Maybe just a stupid question: Can I create templates for sliders in the same way? I tried it for my own addon but it won't work as expected, so I'm a bit confused...

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