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Lumindeas 09-02-16 02:50 PM

Latest Carbonite 9/2 from GitHub

Just updated to this morning's latest edition (9/2/16 8:33a). I got the error "'=' expected near 'true'" leading to Carbonite/Locales/*.*/HarvestNodes. I looked and it appears the author left off an '=' sign on the last line for Starlight Rose (line 86). Just dropping a note to mention it. :) Have a great weekend!


PS: This was for the enUS folder. I simply deleted the other Locales for now.

Svegan 09-03-16 05:26 AM

If you edit the file, does it fix the error?

Lumindeas 09-03-16 06:25 AM

Yeah, just add that = sign in and your golden :)

Thrumbar 09-03-16 08:15 AM

Already did a push to git to fix the issue...

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