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zork 01-27-18 07:00 AM

Working on bringing back a really old oUF layout of mine called oUF_Orbs.

Currently creating all the textures I need.

Work in progress:

I have decided on this so far:

healthbar - center orb
powerbar - inner bottom ring
classpowerbar - inner top ring
alternativepowerbar - outer bottom ring (will be hidden if not available)
castbar - outer top ring with a circular icon on the left center

classpowerbar and castbar may switch places though.

On top of that all the highlight/background textures and glows for debuffs.
What I have yet to decide is how to handle the absorbbar. I could do that Path of Exile style and overlay the health orb. I did sth similar in oUF_Diablo and kind of liked it.


zork 01-27-18 06:36 PM

Masking is in place.

Castbar and powerbar working.

Nameplates balloon style >_>

JDoubleU00 01-27-18 08:59 PM

You have been on fire lately releasing a new version of your UI and other tidbits that you have been developing.

Keep it up!

zork 01-28-18 07:35 AM


Low health and debuff glow test

gempir 01-28-18 08:23 AM

Certainly intresting look. Not for me but some really impressive work!

zork 01-28-18 11:15 AM

Don't get me wrong here. The intention behind the mod is mainly to experiment with the new mask textures and try new techniques on unitframe elements. On top of that I have fun doing it. Thanks to the new masks textures can be of any shape now.

Eungavi 01-28-18 05:57 PM

So, do you reckon the issue discussed in this thread is fixed?

lightspark 01-28-18 09:00 PM


Originally Posted by Engavi (Post 326683)
So, do you reckon the issue discussed in this thread is fixed?

Yes, it was fixed in 735.

Eungavi 01-28-18 09:55 PM


Originally Posted by lightspark (Post 326685)
Yes, it was fixed in 735.

NICE :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana:

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