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Jasmer 09-23-19 01:28 PM

Soundtrack Addon - Add events daytime/nighttime?
Hey guys, just wondering if there's a way to add additional events to the Soundtrack addon. I'd like to add events that trigger based on whether it's daytime or nighttime, for example custom zone music that triggers for daytime and zonemusic for the same zone that triggers for nighttime. Can this be done? I can't seem to find an in-game option for this.

Kanegasi 09-23-19 04:23 PM

This question is better asked in the comments of that addon or in the author's method of support, such as tickets.

If you're knowledgeable with Lua and plan on tinkering with it yourself, there is no method of determining "night" or "day" in-game, you're just going to have to use GetGameTime() to get your server's current time and determine your own night/day cutoff hours.

Jasmer 09-23-19 04:44 PM

I'd like to ask on the download page but the addon authors haven't responded to a months worth of comments as it is. One of them said he isn't even subbed lol.

Unfortunately my lua capabilities are garbage so I guess I'll have to live without day/night triggers.

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