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hasnogaems 10-23-19 08:13 AM

This make me dismount in classic
/cast Defensive Stance

I use autodismount addon. I see that without /startattack no dismount.
Any way to not execute /startattack while mounted?

d87 10-23-19 10:37 AM

/startattack [nomounted]

hasnogaems 11-03-19 08:22 AM

Thank you!

hasnogaems 11-03-19 08:25 AM


Originally Posted by d87 (Post 334385)
/startattack [nomounted]

/cast [nomounted][stance:3] Berserker Rage
dismount me to cast berse rage. What is correct syntax?

Kanegasi 11-03-19 10:31 AM

/cast [nomounted,stance:3] Berserker Rage

Different bracketed parts in the same line work like OR, while parts inside the same bracket separated by a comma work like AND.

Seerah 11-04-19 12:37 PM

For future reference:

hasnogaems 11-18-19 09:53 PM


Originally Posted by Kanegasi (Post 334485)
/cast knowledge


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