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Daveo77 05-25-13 09:03 AM

nui5: XP Bar Needs Updating for Patch 5.3
The XP required per level from 85 to 90 have been reduced by 33% per level, and so the XP bar is showing the incorrect info whilst levelling.

Quote from 5.3 Patch Notes...

Experience needed to increase from level 85 to level 90 has been reduced by 33%.

Xrystal 05-25-13 04:31 PM

Darn, was hoping no one would notice that little oversight. But unless there is a list out there somewhere that tells you the new xp per level the change will have to wait until I get my last two 85s to 90 rofl.

Of course the following functions would work :

local currXP = UnitXP("player");
local nextXP = UnitXPMax("player");

But not sure if nUI's xp bar is coded to work that way instead of the big table of values.

However, looking at the xp bar code Scott is using those values above for the bar but is also using the hardcoded level values for some reason. Unfortunately Im not sure what that code is doing exactly to know if it needs to be there or not now.

spiel2001 05-28-13 06:32 AM

Yeah... the hard coded values are used to "peek" past the current level to the next level in order to determine how your rested XP "wraps" around the next level.

I'll look this evening and see if I can find the current XP data. I should be able to dig it up and I'll get an update out.

spiel2001 05-28-13 06:45 PM

Does anyone have hard numbers for what the correct XP per level is now from 85 to 90? I'm seeing all kinds of debate, but not hard/confirmed numbers.

What I would like to ask is that anyone who has a character at level 84-89 type the command
/script print( "XP to level at " .. UnitLevel( "player" ) .. " = " .. UnitXPMax( "player" ) )
and tell me what is printed as a result

Belechannas 05-28-13 08:06 PM

XP to level at 87: 12650000
XP to level at 88: 15250000

Those are all I have.

spiel2001 05-29-13 05:58 AM

Okay. Thank you Sir.

And I have 85. So... I need one for 84, 86 and 89, still, if anyone has a toon at those levels.

spiel2001 05-29-13 05:59 AM

I'm going to modify nUI6, too, so that it automatically detects errata in the level data and updates the tables internally, like I did for the MFWM map data. That way the app can quickly adapt to patches, etc. I'll fix it so folks can e-mail me the errata, as well. That should help make this problem more manageable going forward.

Xrystal 05-29-13 02:24 PM

I have my DK still sitting at 89 lazing around until I feel like playing her again and an almost 86 mage and an 85 shammy. But not playing much at the moment so not sure when I can get figures from them.

Belechannas 05-31-13 02:56 AM

XP to level at 89: 18370000

Daveo77 06-03-13 04:17 AM

XP to level at 84: Have no toons at level 84 atm, but from using a calculator, works out to be about 6140600
XP to level at 85: 8670000
XP to level at 86: 10050000
XP to level at 87: 12650000
XP to level at 88: 15250000
XP to level at 89: 18370000

spiel2001 06-03-13 06:44 AM

Awesome. Thank you all.

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