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gmarco 10-14-20 12:04 PM

GuildRoster() is gone ?
Hi all,

this will the first of the many (I fear) messages about api changes in 9.0.x that I think I'll have to post to get some help on :/

Is the function:

Lua Code:
  1. GuildRoster()

still available or it has ben removed or changed with something else ?

Now I have removed it from my addons to make them run and they seems to works ... but I'd like to know if it is still necessary to force an update on roster.


This was the error:

Lua Code:
  1. gmGuildFriends\core.lua:167: attempt to call global 'GuildRoster' (a nil value)

Fizzlemizz 10-14-20 12:09 PM

New C_GuildInfo API
In game: "/api C_GuildInfo" click the pink link,

9.0 changes

gmarco 10-14-20 01:18 PM

Hi Fizzlemiz,

thanks so much !!!
Really much appreciated :)

Drudatz 10-14-20 11:50 PM

I have another questions I hope the gurus here can help me with:

I have an old guild addon that I use and before PrePatch this worked:
Lua Code:
  1. _G.hooksecurefunc("GuildRoster", function()
  2.     nextGuildRoster = GetTime() + 0.1
  3. end)

after PrePatch THIS doesnt work
Lua Code:
  1. _G.hooksecurefunc("C_GuildInfo.GuildRoster", function()
  2.     nextGuildRoster = GetTime() + 0.1
  3. end)
and throws an "uGuild.lua:99: Usage: hooksecurefunc([table,] "function", hookfunc)"-Error?

Fizzlemizz 10-15-20 12:08 AM


hooksecurefunc(C_GuildInfo, "GuildRoster", function()
  nextGuildRoster = GetTime() + 0.1

C_GuildInfo is the [table] part of the error.

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