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Necrosir 10-26-10 02:17 AM

nUI InfoPanel Profesions
Will this be updated? if not i would like to take a stab at doing if no 1 minds

Ty Necro

Xrystal 10-26-10 04:15 AM

Have you tried contacting the original creator ? They may have an email alert system and will either try and fix it or assign you as a co developer.

Outside of that I notice that he has allowed optional files to be attached to the download page meaning that anyone can fix the addon and upload a fixed version for people that want to still continue using it.

Which means, if you feel you want to get your hands dirty and try and figure out the bugs and get it all up and running again then I doubt they will have a problem with it. Even if they do come back later on they can always incorporate the changes you made into the newest official version at that point.

lairdofdeath 10-26-10 11:53 AM

i dont have a problem if you want to give it a try
i would have done it my self but my comp died and buy the time i got a new one i just havent had time to play with it as i am now an over the road driver when i am at home and find a few extra alone min i am playing the game :eek: lol

Xrystal 10-26-10 12:06 PM

Ah, looks like other people have made comments about updating for 4.0, so .. with laird's permission .. time for you to have some fun :D

Necrosir 10-27-10 02:12 AM

cool thanks I'll give it a go

lairdofdeath 11-26-10 01:27 PM

ok i updated it so it works and as soon as its approved you can start using it again
i will look into adding the new prof as i find time i did try but it broke the addon not sure if its been completely added of if you need to have cataclysm (in witch case i will have to make a separate addon for that ep)

bolawalker 11-26-10 09:49 PM

A little addition to Professions bar
Is there anyway we can get Archaeology added to the info panel?

lairdofdeath 11-27-10 01:29 AM

i did try but it broke the addon im not sure if its out yet i saw a trainer in game clicked on him and could not get it but i will continue to try as i find time to do so

Chmee 11-27-10 09:18 AM

Archaeology won't be in game until december 7th.

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