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Starfury 09-10-06 04:34 PM

Chat tabs disappeared
After a few disconnects earlier today my chat tabs have disappeared. I'm essentially stuck on whichever tab it defaults to. I tried disabling all addons but that didn't help. I also tried deleting chat-cache.txt. Where else could this be incorrectly set at?? Removing the WTF folder fixes it obviously but that means loosing all my settings which would take forever to correct. Is there not some easier way to fix this?

Pureblade 09-10-06 06:49 PM

This also happened to me. What server are you on? It may have something to do with the maintenance over the last few days.

Starfury 09-10-06 10:31 PM

I'm on Kirin Tor. It seems now that if someone whispers me the tabs appear. So I guess I will just have to have someone whisper me every time I login unless I can get this fixed. :(

MadCow 09-11-06 12:09 AM

do you have your chat windows locked under the interface options? Advanced Tab I think..

Starfury 09-11-06 04:31 PM

No I dont have them locked

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