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ballistics1142 04-15-17 05:54 AM

Play only Addon Sounds

I am looking for an enthusiastic addon author to come up with a solution to allow "ONLY" addon sounds to be played whilst in-game.

I have tried multiple addons via curse such as "Mute annoying wow sounds". Only to find that the sound files haven't been updated for 7.2.

I have tried adding my own .ogg files to the current "Mute annoying wow sounds" folder only to find that I have either used the incorrect filename or I am unable to locate the filename associated with anything in regards to hunter sounds.

I have also tried the addon "Masterchannel", only to find that most addons now-a-days don't have the need or warrant "Master" in the Playsoundfile() string. Therefore making (me or others in my situation) anyone with no prior knowledge in building addons to solve this themselves.

I do understand this may be seen as an odd request, however, there are some scenarios where it does apply i.e. raids, dungeon finder, simply want to hear no wow sounds and just addon sounds etc.

I have tried my hack and slash methods, now I am in dire need of assistance to solve my first world problem.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Regards Ballistics1142

Ketho 04-19-17 02:03 PM

Why would you want to mute everything except addon sounds?

I don't know if there is an easy way to do this, otherwise you'd have to override all the .ogg sound files in the game (you can find it with FileDataLib or from the listfiles in tools like CASCExplorer / CascView

ballistics1142 04-19-17 11:31 PM


Originally Posted by Ketho (Post 322978)
Why would you want to mute everything except addon sounds?

I don't know if there is an easy way to do this, otherwise you'd have to override all the .ogg sound files in the game (you can find it with FileDataLib or from the listfiles in tools like CASCExplorer / CascView


My main reasoning for wanting to have all sounds muted except addons sounds, is simply because I prefer to play this way sometimes.

As for your other comment in regards to CascView etc. I have been there done that. Not to say I am an expert but simply I have followed guides that have been provided for laymans.

For some reason the names that are provided in CascView for the .ogg files can't be representing the actual name of the files. Maybe because the listfile provided needs to be updated? I know that current listfiles have a 90% success rate at providing accurate named files. However recent patches/hotfixes may have an influence on the changes.

As a prime example, Cobra shot from a hunter would normally be represented as shown below via a CascView;

World of Warcraft\Sound\Spells\Spell_hu_CobraShot_Impact_06.ogg"
World of Warcraft\Sound\Spells\Spell_hu_CobraShot_Impact_05.ogg"
World of Warcraft\Sound\Spells\Spell_hu_CobraShot_Impact_04.ogg"
World of Warcraft\Sound\Spells\Spell_hu_CobraShot_Impact_03.ogg"
World of Warcraft\Sound\Spells\Spell_hu_CobraShot_Impact_02.ogg"
World of Warcraft\Sound\Spells\Spell_hu_CobraShot_Impact_01.ogg"
World of Warcraft\Sound\Spells\Spell_hu_CobraShot_Impact.ogg"
World of Warcraft\Sound\Spells\Spell_HU_CobraShot_Cast_06.ogg"
World of Warcraft\Sound\Spells\Spell_HU_CobraShot_Cast_05.ogg"
World of Warcraft\Sound\Spells\Spell_HU_CobraShot_Cast_04.ogg"
World of Warcraft\Sound\Spells\Spell_HU_CobraShot_Cast_03.ogg"
World of Warcraft\Sound\Spells\Spell_HU_CobraShot_Cast_02.ogg"
World of Warcraft\Sound\Spells\Spell_HU_CobraShot_Cast_01.ogg"
World of Warcraft\Sound\Spells\Spell_HU_CobraShot_Cast.ogg"
World of Warcraft\Sound\Spells\SPELL_HU_CobraShot_Missile_Loop_04.ogg"
World of Warcraft\Sound\Spells\SPELL_HU_CobraShot_Missile_Loop_03.ogg"
World of Warcraft\Sound\Spells\SPELL_HU_CobraShot_Missile_Loop_02.ogg"
World of Warcraft\Sound\Spells\SPELL_HU_CobraShot_Missile_Loop_01.ogg"

I have tried inserting these into the "sounds" folder generated by "Mute Annoying WoW Sounds", of course I made sure they were in the correct directories and were dummy .ogg files.

So I thought maybe I could just do a process of elimination, by viewing the MD5 hash codes and just grind through it and try and find the hash file names. But to be honest I wouldn't know where to begin on atempting that.

Ketho 04-20-17 08:16 AM

You could maybe temporarily enable all sounds when an addon's sound file is playing as a workaround
Lua Code:
  1. local function DisableSound()
  2.     SetCVar("Sound_EnableAllSound", 0)
  3. end
  5. --[[ posthook does not seem to work
  6. hooksecurefunc("PlaySoundFile", function()
  7.     SetCVar("Sound_EnableAllSound", 1)
  8.     C_Timer.After(3, DisableSound)
  9. end)
  10. ]]
  12. local oldPlaySoundFile = PlaySoundFile
  14. function PlaySoundFile(...)
  15.     SetCVar("Sound_EnableAllSound", 1)
  16.     C_Timer.After(3, DisableSound)
  17.     oldPlaySoundFile(...)
  18. end
  20. DisableSound()

Ketho 04-20-17 08:27 AM

Here is an example script to create empty sound files from a Lua table

You need to run Lua for this
Lua Code:
  1. local t = {
  2.     "Sound\\Ambience\\GhostState.ogg",
  3.     "Sound\\Ambience\\GlueScreen\\GlueScreenLogin.ogg",
  4.     "Sound\\Ambience\\GlueScreen\\Wrath_Login_1.ogg",
  5.     "Sound\\Ambience\\GlueScreen\\Wrath_Login_2.ogg",
  6.     "Sound\\Ambience\\GlueScreen\\Wrath_Login_3.ogg",
  7.     "Sound\\Ambience\\GlueScreen\\Wrath_Login_4.ogg",
  8.     "Sound\\Ambience\\UndwaterLoop.ogg",
  9.     "Sound\\Ambience\\Water\\GreenSlimeFallsLoop1.ogg",
  10.     "Sound\\Ambience\\Water\\GreenSlimeLoop1.ogg",
  11. }
  13. local created = {}
  15. for k, v in pairs(t) do
  16.     local dir, file = string.match(v, "(.+)\\(.-)%.")
  17.     if dir then
  18.         if not created[dir] then
  19.             os.execute("mkdir \""..dir.."\"")
  20.             created[dir] = true
  21.         end
  22."\\"..file..".ogg", "w"):close()
  23.     end
  24. end

Otherwise you can download the (7.1.5 listfile) empty sound files here

I forgot all the .mp3 files (music) but you can easily toggle music off

ballistics1142 04-20-17 08:35 PM


Ketho 04-20-17 10:19 PM

Oh well that is quite smart :(

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