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Cairenn 05-12-09 08:05 PM

The new StarTrek movie
Has both my inner and my outer geek very happy!

ArrchDK 05-12-09 08:18 PM


Originally Posted by Cairenn (Post 135571)
Has both my inner and my outer geek very happy!

Not even a trekky and that movie was good.

Scalebane 05-12-09 08:29 PM

Yeah very good movie, planning on seeing it again thursday!

Sepioth 05-12-09 09:01 PM

Is it actually good? I'm a Star Trek fan and have yet to see it but with the track record of movies (not just Star Trek) being fairly bad in the last few years I am little hesitant to spend $10.50 per ticket to see it.

But it has BLOWN away not only box office records it has blown away every other Star Trek movie (all 11 of them) Betting the best Star Trek movie, First Contact, by $42 million dollars. (Source)

Rhaethe 05-12-09 11:01 PM

A group of friends, the boyfriend, and I piled over our place and had a cookout, then went to go see it. Was a good day.

I enjoyed this movie more than any other movie I've seen in a while. At certain points I was cheering, laughing, crying ...

Great movie. Definitely worth the $20 the boyfriend and I spent at the theatre.

LittleWhiteDove 05-12-09 11:13 PM

Great movie.

Slakah 05-12-09 11:20 PM

Was an fantastic film, the baddie was a bit iffy though.

Petrah 05-12-09 11:50 PM

One word. Awesome!

Yhor 05-12-09 11:59 PM

I cannot remember the last time I went to the theatre, but I guess I gotta go see this. I've heard nothing but good from it, except from my srsbizness trekky geek friends (who go to conventions wearing tailored craptastic outfits costing $250+). Every normal person I know (mostly still geeks, just normal geeks) though, has given it extremely high praise.

Cairenn 05-13-09 12:06 AM

I went with my mom and my daughter. We are all Trekkies, of three different generations. We all loved it. :)

Tristanian 05-13-09 01:03 AM

The movie left me with mixed feelings. Don't get me wrong. I'm a die hard fan myself (although not the convention type :p), I just think that there was so much potential and so many things could have been handled way better, than just throwing together another "time travel" storyline which pretty much invalidates everything we know about the franchise. Time travel has been beaten to death so much, in so many Sci-fi movies and series over the years, it's not even funny anymore. Moreover, it is highly susceptible to plot holes and spawns debates and arguments about things that cannot really be explained scientifically or even rationally. Simply put, huge "reset" buttons are not fun or original anymore.

Nero was a "cheesy" villain anyway you look at it. I believe that they tried to take advantage of Shinzon's popularity and attitude in the last TNG movie, yet the feeling is not the same. The rest of the actors try very hard (lots of lines used from the original series) but imho they have some really big shoes to fill in. The thing to remember is that the Trek movies were also about characters, something that it was strongly emphasized in the more recent series. Character development is certainly not the strongest point of this prequel.

The movie was impressive in terms of special effects and action which was somewhat predictable since it's usually a huge selling factor. All in all a very good effort but still, in my eyes, there was something missing from the movie, there was something "out of place" that I can't really define 100%. If I had to choose between this prequel and another TNG movie, I believe I would go for the later.

Sepioth 05-13-09 01:08 AM

Haven't seen it yet but on thing that is somewhat turning me away is the fact it takes place in the past ..

Not that going to the "beginnings" is a bad idea but because of the fact that the special effects are better now.

The same thing happened to me with Star Wars. I love the original 3 (Episodes 4, 5 and 6) but the 3 newer ones (Episodes 1,2 and 3) although have great storylines and are good movies just don't fit the series for me. I just find it hard to watch a movie that takes place in a time where "technology" was inferior but LOOKS better than it probably should.

I don't know .. I'll prolly go see it this weekend ..

(Ans I have been to one convention .. was a Sci-Fi / Fantasy convention so it was a lot more than Star Trek. :)

Tristanian 05-13-09 01:20 AM

The thing is though, if you watch the Star War films backwards (:p), or the proper order they are meant to be viewed, they have a great sense of continuity and amazing character development.

Sepioth 05-13-09 01:29 AM

That I will not disagree with .. it's more or less a visual thing for me.

I'm just strange like that :D

MidgetMage55 05-13-09 01:39 AM

I must say i loved the movie. Karl Urban in my opinion was the best translation of the characters as McCoy. He looked and sounded so much like the original it was almost creepy =P

And while i agree the time-travel thing has been done to death this was certainly an interesting take on it. Seeing it from the other side of it so to speak. It also allowed the script a certain amount of flexibility it might not have otherwise had. I think the character development was interesting in that you see the sides of some of the characters that some (not all) fans of the original content would like to see. Im not a purist of the original series by any means so i found the way the movie was done a nifty little spin on the universe.

My hardcore trekkie friends were in a love/hate relationship with it so i expect some of the ultra-die hard fans will be disappointed. All in all i enjoyed it. If you take it as just a movie its definitely entertaining. If you go to compare it to the original series and the following movies your bound to find things you dont like.

voodoodad 05-13-09 04:52 AM

I am reminded of a conversation I had with some guy while standing in line for Wrath of Khan (imo the best Trek movie to date).

Me: I hear that Spock is supposed to die at the end of this movie.

Guy: Man, I hope not... How will they explain it in the TV series if he does?

/add apropriate wah,wha,wha sound effects as needed

Aideenwolf 05-13-09 06:26 AM

I was very impressed with it. ILM has outdone themselves. I've seen it 3 times now and I must say that even now it's still not dull to me and I would see it again (need to find a sucker to take me to the imax one). I have always been a fan and the last 2 Trek movies (Insurrection and Nemesis) were just so bad that i didn't have much hopes for this one. But really, despite the timeline killer it was fantastic.

Soeters 05-13-09 06:36 AM

I think this is one of the best Star Trek movies (with the Wrath of Kahn).
I've been watching almost every episode and I found this movie very good for both people who don't know Star Trek and the Trekkies who can find some interesting things (like when Kirk said that he cheated in the Kobayashi Maru in one of the movies, now we discover what he did)

ArrchDK 05-13-09 07:56 AM

It sounds like there is some relationship with harcoreness and the enjoyment of the movie.

Luckily, I haven't seen any of the other movies, nor did I watch the series, so my judgement wasn't affected by how it compared to the other Star Trek movies/series, just by how it compared to other movies in general.

However, I have enough knowledge to appreciate commonalities (One liners, Leonard Nemoy, etc.)

Oh and btw.. lol Tyler Perry?

tralkar 05-13-09 08:08 AM

I'll wait for it to come out on DVD.

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