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OldHarry 10-15-10 03:29 PM

sow what other games
So what other games to people play?

Petrah 10-15-10 03:57 PM

My boyfriend and I raid so much in WoW (almost every night) that we need a break now and then (not since the patch though since everyones trying to relearn their toons). We're messing around in LotRO at the moment. We've been known to play CoOp Warfare and Half Life as well. When I'm extremely bored I play The Sims or Guild Wars. We both use to play EverQuest a few years back.

OldHarry 10-15-10 04:50 PM

Thanks for the response. I am looking for a new game.

Taryble 10-15-10 07:40 PM

My "Games" folder right now has these games installed:
WoW-CatAlpha (haven't renamed it since they changed to Beta, whoops)
Assassin's Creed 2
Battlefield 2
Battlefield 2142
Civilization 4 - Beyond the Sword
Civilization 5
Fallout 3
Starcraft 2
World of Tanks (closed beta, no NDA tho')

I'm considering restarting my account for City of Heroes/Villains.
While Champions Online is much smexier, CoH/V has far fewer balance problems.

Coote 10-15-10 08:26 PM

Current games on my PC....

Team Fortress 2
Counter Strike: Source
Day of Defeat: Source
Half Life 2 (episode 1 and 2 included)
Darkest of Days
Fable - The Lost Chapters
World of Warcraft (obviously)
Mass Effect
Mass Effect 2
Dragon Age
Neverwinter Nights 2 (plus all expansions)
The Last Remnant
Front Mission Evolved
S.T.AL.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl (I'd like to get the other 2 sometime when I get the chance)
Need for Speed World
Need for Speed Shift

Seerah 10-15-10 09:23 PM

Allods Online or Civilization5

MidgetMage55 10-15-10 09:57 PM

If you like a little surrealism in your day try Braid, or Trine for physics fun. A little on the short side but good games none the less.

For pretty in-depth RTS action Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity is a good one to look at. Good for small to very large scale games.

tralkar 10-16-10 06:49 AM

I don't play other games, I use to before WOW. I also played EQ, need for speed, Diablo 1 and 2.. With working 2 jobs at the moment and Wow I really don't have time for other things. When i get a little burnt out from Wow i just take a day or 2 and catch up on some TV I have been missing for the week..

ravagernl 10-16-10 07:08 AM

I also play Diablo 2 at the moment, which I have played even longer then WoW :D Diablo 1 I have also played.

I'm also a fanatic of the Westwood RTS games, Command & Conquer series, and of Warcraft 3.
I'm not really into shooters, the only ones I occasionally play are Soldier of Fortune Platinum, Unreal Tournament and Quake 3, mostly on lan games(yeah, I'm not a fan of realistic shooters).

I'm hoping to get Starcraft 2 from my friends for my 24th birthday tonitght ;)

Soulofsin_007 10-16-10 07:27 AM

When work doesnt have me busy, I have been playing Runes of Magic.

haylie 10-17-10 11:37 AM

Sigh, I used to play loads of games before WoW sucked up all my life (I mean gaming time). Lots of FPSs I cannot remember the names of (they were all alike to me anyhow :p), lots of RTSs, then I got into roleplaying and eventually WoW. There is a game I always played even during my WoW-period and which I'll probably continue playing until the end of time because it's simply that great: The Sims :p

Led ++ 10-17-10 12:44 PM


Anyway, these days I don't play much except for some WoW. I used to play counter-strike for years tho but I can't be bothered with it anymore.

Besides playing Plants vs Zombies from time to time I'm quite interested in Batman:AA which I don't even have yet.
Played some Fallout 3 but I was more then disappointed actually, don't know what all the hype is about tbh.
Sometimes I go to a mate of mine and we play some Gears of War on the x-box or get drunk at 4AM and play some Dead Space which is a fantastic game imo.

Lately not a lot of games keep me interested, if a game has a playtime of 12 hours these days it's already a lot -.-*

Dragon Age: Origins is probably one of the better RPG's you can find atm. The expansion wasn't THAT good imo but still. It's a very fun and entertaining game. Quite some gametime too.

nin 10-17-10 01:28 PM

Quakelive is more or less the only game i play nowadays.. :)

haylie 10-17-10 01:41 PM


Originally Posted by Led ++ (Post 211812)
I used to play counter-strike for years tho but I can't be bothered with it anymore.

I never could really get into Counter-Strike, though I had played FPSs before. In CS, you're just shooting people. You see, I like shooting people, but I need a reason to do it (besides e-peen stroking).

One FPS I particularly enjoyed was Halo 2. My most favoritest moment from it was when that little robot thingy which I can't remember the name of was following me around, and at one point he said:


Stop being so human.
I laughed for days after that :D

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