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Viriatus 11-08-10 04:48 AM

Name this UI!
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Was going through my wow folders and found a screenshot of one of my old UIs. Was wondering if anyone had any clue what the UI was.

nightcracker 11-08-10 04:54 AM

It seems to be a random collection of addons set up quick 'n dirty.

Some of the addons that I recognize:
Monkey Quest
TitanPanel with plugins
Addon that shows average spell damage under button(forgot name)
Prat (probably)
Some square minimap addon(there are thousands)
Omen Threat Meter
Some buff mod

MadCow 11-08-10 04:54 AM

click on "my favorites" at the top and on the left side click on and check your download history. It might be there.

Viriatus 11-08-10 05:07 AM

Nope, nothin' there.

And I knew most of those, but I seem to recall it was a compilation or something and I got most of all that with it. Not entirely sure, though, cause that screenie was like 3 years old or more o.O

nightcracker 11-08-10 05:14 AM

Even a little BTex skin can make something look like a compilation ;)

TransformedBG 11-17-10 06:55 PM

Sloppy Joe!

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