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alpega 04-14-12 10:26 PM

Having troubles
Man installed his UI was a pain in the ass, since so much is outdated in the video he made, and now i have finally almost made it exept for a god damn small bar that apperas in the middle of the screen when i enter combat, dont know what it does and can find option to remove :(

Ok the bar is a small purple line that is in the center of the screen, it is not there when i reload UI but it appears after im in combat and hit the target a couple of times. It doesent go away after that , I either have to relog og reload ui but it comes back right after when entering combat agian.

Any suggestions?

Seerah 04-14-12 11:13 PM

First suggestion: Tell us what UI you're using. :p

Second: Take a screenshot. :)

alpega 04-14-12 11:49 PM

was early in the morgning forgot to add the most obvious.
LUI UI Direct where i downloaded it from.
( )

Waky 04-15-12 07:34 AM

Type /fstack in game, then put your mouse over the bar. You'll see a little window listing a bunch of frame names, you should be able to figure out the name of this bar by doing this.

If you post that name here we can probably figure out what addon is causing it.

Orko 04-15-12 01:50 PM

Looks like your swing timer. Should be option either in the BARS or FRAMES or UNITFRAMES option menus. LUI works very well still. Not really anything wrong with the UI. Just takes a bit of moving stuff around once.

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