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BabyRay 10-28-14 02:33 AM

small addon to move frames
Hi there,

I currently have the problems that I do not, for me, find clean solution to move UI elements determined. And at fixed positions. I do not want Moveanything!

It involves the following elements:

Bags (no one bag / Bagnon or something, any bag for yourself)
Quest display (change position and height. Is something long the display)
Thumbnail repair
2 seater Mount Display
World frame
PlayerPowerBar (for example, the bar at Norushen) display (when someone goes online / offline)

I've been using so far

Movablebags for bags
rObjectiveTrackerMover Quest for the display
rPlayerPowerBarAlt for the bar (Norushen)
the other can be personalized with a minimap addon or move Addon Chat

I liked not so wild, move only the frames with pixel accuracy to my desired position.
It is possible with a small addon to make sure the frames above will be moved?
Someone out of the can? ^^

There are indeed usually only small addons (little lines)


[1] = {"BOTTOM RIGHT", "UIParent", "BOTTOM RIGHT", -250, 300},
[2] = {"BOTTOM RIGHT", "UIParent", "BOTTOM RIGHT", -450, 300},

Although one could even Shrink determined, since I only need a pure position data such as

Frame "Frame Quest" "button left" x: 1500 y: 800 h: 350
Bag 1 x: 100 y: 100
Bag 2 x: 200 y: 100
and so on .....

It is surely possible to put it into a few lines together?
Volunteers before ^^

Thank you

Resike 10-28-14 04:12 AM

I could only offer MoveAnything 2:

Most of the frames you try to move just simply can't be properly modified with just one lines. Also if you want to keep them locked, then it definately need more work for that.

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