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zork 10-02-16 08:28 AM

oUF for nameplate creation?
I posted a barebone nameplate setup here:

Most important are the following three.

- nameplate_create when we spawn the frame using a certain style.
- unit_added when we show the frame and set the unit of the frame.
- unit_removed when we hide the frame and remove the unit.

Is this possible with the default oUF core?

I need to be able to pass the nameplate base as an anchor frame into the Spawn function.


Wooow. It actually works!

Fixed scaling:

magic bean:

Lua Code:
  1. function W:NAME_PLATE_UNIT_ADDED(unit)
  2.   local nameplate = C_NamePlate.GetNamePlateForUnit(unit)
  4.   if not nameplate.unitFrame then
  5.     local unitFrame = oUF:Spawn(unit, A..nameplate:GetName())
  6.     unitFrame:SetParent(nameplate)
  7.     unitFrame:ClearAllPoints()
  8.     unitFrame:SetPoint("CENTER")
  9.     nameplate.unitFrame = unitFrame
  10.     --mix-in ubm table data
  11.     Mixin(unitFrame, UFM)
  12.   end
  14.   nameplate.unitFrame:UnitAdded(nameplate,unit)
  15. end

Not perfect yet though. But it shows that it should be possible.

Currently I seem to struggle with the unit update. Nameplates shuffle units quite often and I need a way to tell oUF about the unit change.

Hasn't oUF a function to trigger a full update? Sth like UpdateAllElements.

If you want to test it here is the code I'm using atm:

Units do not update properly and clicking on a unit does not activate the correct unit.

zork 10-02-16 11:10 AM

I think I got it!!! (But it works only out of combat atm. I need a secure way to apply the unit attribute (I think...))

Lua Code:
  1. --UFM:UnitAdded
  2. function UFM:UnitAdded(nameplate,unit)
  3.   self.unit = unit
  4.   self.inVehicle = UnitInVehicle(unit)
  5.   self:SetAttribute("unit", unit)
  6.   self:UpdateAllElements("NAME_PLATE_UNIT_ADDED")
  7. end
  9. --UFM:UnitRemoved
  10. function UFM:UnitRemoved(nameplate,unit)
  11.   self.unit = nil
  12.   self.inVehicle = nil
  13.   self:SetAttribute("unit", unit)
  14.   self:UpdateAllElements("NAME_PLATE_UNIT_REMOVED")
  15. end

Full solution (all you need is your own style function)

Lua Code:
  1. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. --register focus
  10. oUF:RegisterStyle(A.."NamePlateStyle", CreateNamePlateStyle)
  11. oUF:SetActiveStyle(A.."NamePlateStyle")
  13. local W = CreateFrame("Frame") --worker
  14. local UFM = {} --unit frame mixin
  15. local C_NamePlate = C_NamePlate
  17. -----------------------------
  18. -- Hide Blizzard
  19. -----------------------------
  21. function W:UpdateNamePlateOptions(...)
  22.   print("UpdateNamePlateOptions",...)
  23. end
  25. --disable blizzard nameplates
  26. NamePlateDriverFrame:UnregisterAllEvents()
  27. NamePlateDriverFrame:Hide()
  28. NamePlateDriverFrame.UpdateNamePlateOptions = W.UpdateNamePlateOptions
  30. -----------------------------
  31. -- Worker
  32. -----------------------------
  34. function W:NAME_PLATE_UNIT_ADDED(unit)
  35.   local nameplate = C_NamePlate.GetNamePlateForUnit(unit)
  36.   if not nameplate.unitFrame then
  37.     local unitFrame = oUF:Spawn(unit, A..nameplate:GetName())
  38.     unitFrame:SetParent(nameplate)
  39.     unitFrame:ClearAllPoints()
  40.     unitFrame:SetPoint("CENTER")
  41.     nameplate.unitFrame = unitFrame
  42.     Mixin(unitFrame, UFM)
  43.   end
  44.   nameplate.unitFrame:UnitAdded(nameplate,unit)
  45. end
  47. function W:NAME_PLATE_UNIT_REMOVED(unit)
  48.   local nameplate = C_NamePlate.GetNamePlateForUnit(unit)
  49.   nameplate.unitFrame:UnitRemoved(nameplate,unit)
  50. end
  52. function W:OnEvent(event,...)
  53.   self[event](event,...)
  54. end
  56. W:SetScript("OnEvent", W.OnEvent)
  58. W:RegisterEvent("NAME_PLATE_UNIT_ADDED")
  59. W:RegisterEvent("NAME_PLATE_UNIT_REMOVED")
  61. -----------------------------
  62. -- Unit Frame Mixin
  63. -----------------------------
  65. function UFM:UnitAdded(nameplate,unit)
  66.   self.unit = unit
  67.   self.inVehicle = UnitInVehicle(unit)
  68.   self:SetAttribute("unit", unit)
  69.   self:UpdateAllElements("NAME_PLATE_UNIT_ADDED")
  70. end
  72. function UFM:UnitRemoved(nameplate,unit)
  73.   self.unit = nil
  74.   self.inVehicle = nil
  75.   self:SetAttribute("unit", unit)
  76.   self:UpdateAllElements("NAME_PLATE_UNIT_REMOVED")
  77. end

I either need a spawn that does not need secure environment or I need a way to spawn/change the unit attribute securely.

zork 10-02-16 11:34 AM

I tried adding the following change as a test to the oUF Spawn function:

Lua Code:
  1. function oUF:Spawn(unit, overrideName, type, nameplate)
  2.   argcheck(unit, 2, 'string')
  3.   if(not style) then return error("Unable to create frame. No styles have been registered.") end
  5.   unit = unit:lower()
  7.   local name = overrideName or generateName(unit)
  8.   local object
  9.   if type == "nameplate" then
  10.     object = CreateFrame("Button", name, nameplate)
  11.   else
  12.     object = CreateFrame("Button", name, oUF_PetBattleFrameHider, "SecureUnitButtonTemplate")
  13.   end
  14.   Private.UpdateUnits(object, unit)
  16.   self:DisableBlizzard(unit)
  17.   walkObject(object, unit)
  19.   object:SetAttribute("unit", unit)
  20.   RegisterUnitWatch(object)
  22.   return object
  23. end

This gets rid of the in combat error. But sometimes the health will not update properly. I think that is because going from secure to not secure unitframes is not just removing the template and be done?!

Well another issue is that nameplates will pop up during combat. They must be spawnable in combat. Maybe nameplates can be handled like party or raid via secure group header?

The current solution works perfectly. Out of combat. :p


I went back to the adjusted oUF spawn because I think it is the only solution. We need to spawn the nameplates without the secure template. From what I can tell the only thing that is missing atm is that UNIT_HEALTH is not updating the target nameplate properly.

Hmm yeah...when fighting UNIT_HEALTH fires only for target and oUF is not updating the target nameplate correctly.

But I can fix that by doing C_NamePlate.GetNamePlateForUnit("target") and applying the value on postupdate to the corresponding nameplate. Will see how that goes. Imo anything that affects the target unit has to be populated to a corresponding nameplate target unit aswell since it will only fire once.

Urgs...the same is also true party/raid units...hmm that sounds messy. No sure if seperating nameplate from other unit frames in two seperate ouf layouts helps with that.


Yes that seems to have fixed all issues. I disabled all unitframes but the nameplate spawn. I only used nameplate unit ids. I spawned them with the adjusted oUF spawn function as a not secure button.

So here is my idea for now.

1.) Adjust the oUF spawn function to allow the creation of non secure nameplate units.
2.) Create a seperate layout for nameplates only that does only spawn nameplate units (never use anything else but nameplate1..n as your unit id)

The tricky part is that I want to access style function from my oUF unit layout. But I probably can circumvent this by making the layout functions globally available.

sticklord 10-02-16 12:27 PM

Yeah the UNIT_HEALTH on nameplates work badly. Blizzard registers both UNIT_HEALTH and the frequent one (forgot the name). I'm using the frequent one only on mine.

If you get the OnEvent onevent of the unitframe and change it so it bails out if there's a unit and unit does not match the nameplate, would that fix it?

zork 10-02-16 04:03 PM

I'm currently doing that sticklord is suggesting. Trying to create a seperate spawn function for nameplates.

Currently I get this taint:
Lua Code:
  1. 10/2 23:59:09.464  An action was blocked in combat because of taint from oUF - SecureStateDriverManager:SetAttribute()
  2. 10/2 23:59:09.464      Interface\FrameXML\SecureStateDriver.lua:42 RegisterUnitWatch()
  3. 10/2 23:59:09.464      Interface\AddOns\oUF\ouf.lua:553 SpawnNamePlate()
  4. 10/2 23:59:09.464      Interface\AddOns\oUF_Simple\core.lua:592 ?()
  5. 10/2 23:59:09.464      Interface\AddOns\oUF_Simple\core.lua:617

Currently trying to get rid of that error. :)


Ok I could just remove the unit watch since we have unit_added and unit_removed for nameples. The error seems to be gone.

Lua Code:
  1. function oUF:SpawnNamePlate(unit, overrideName, nameplate)
  2.   argcheck(unit, 2, 'string')
  3.   if(not style) then return error("Unable to create frame. No styles have been registered.") end
  4.   unit = unit:lower()
  5.   local name = overrideName or generateName(unit)
  6.   local object = CreateFrame("Button", name, nameplate)
  7.   Private.UpdateUnits(object, unit)
  8.   walkObject(object, unit)
  9.   object:SetAttribute("unit", unit)
  10.   return object
  11. end

This is all I have for nameplate_added and nameplate_removed atm. Works fine.

Lua Code:
  1. -----------------------------
  2. -- Unit Frame Mixin
  3. -----------------------------
  5. function UFM:UnitAdded(nameplate,unit)
  6.   self:SetAttribute("unit", unit)
  7.   self:UpdateAllElements("NAME_PLATE_UNIT_ADDED")
  8. end
  10. function UFM:PlayerTargetChanged(nameplate,unit)
  11.   self:UpdateAllElements("PLAYER_TARGET_CHANGED")
  12. end
  14. function UFM:UnitRemoved(nameplate,unit)
  15.   self:SetAttribute("unit", nil)
  16.   self:UpdateAllElements("NAME_PLATE_UNIT_REMOVED")
  17. end

zork 10-02-16 04:30 PM

Not sure why but I commented in my unitframes again and everything is working as it should! I now have a template that runs both nameplates and normal unitframes.

It is fucking beautiful!!!

Hopefully auras will not cause issues. >_<

sticklord 10-02-16 04:38 PM


Should be easy to add support for nameplates in oUF.

zork 10-02-16 04:48 PM

Created a pull request:

That is all I had to change in oUF to get it working.

Hmmm. Yeah of course one could integrate the worker aswell in oUF but not sure if that is really needed since you probably want to keep control over what the events are doing.

zork 10-03-16 10:24 AM

Here is the final result for now. Implementation of auras cause no issues at all.

It is fucking amazing!

groin 10-04-16 01:04 PM

hi, this is great.
it's possible to change font size for debuff?

zork 10-04-16 04:52 PM

Anything on screen is spawned by an oUF style function that you need to define or that you can adjust. Yes, you can do that.

Shot from 5man

Blizzard increases the size of boss nameplates by default.

p3lim 10-05-16 12:45 AM


Originally Posted by zork (Post 319679)
Blizzard increases the size of boss nameplates by default.

Probably because they are anchored to WorldFrame and not UIParent.

zork 10-05-16 02:23 AM

There is a so called nameplate base frame. They must adjust the scale of the nameplate base frame for bosses. But it should be easily detectable on UNIT_ADDED.

I already offset the worldframe scale. Otherwise the size of all my nameplates would be off.
Lua Code:
  1. --CreateNamePlateStyle
  2. local function CreateNamePlateStyle(self)
  3.   --...
  4.   cfg.scale = 1*GetCVar("uiScale") --nameplates are not part of uiparent!
  5.   --...
  6. end

Nameplates shuffle units constantly. There is no specific nameplate for player or bosses. Any nameplate may be used for any unit.

Aftermathhqt 10-14-16 02:53 PM

This is really cool, looking forward it being implemented in oUF!

sezz 10-26-16 03:29 AM

oUF generated nameplates can't be clicked?
Edit: Hmm, it felt weird at first, maybe I was just missing something, not sure. Just ignore this, will test them later ;)

zork 10-26-16 10:22 AM

Of course they can be clicked! One very important thing though. Your nameplate unitframe must not be clickable! Do not register this for units of type nameplate!

Lua Code:
  1. --SetupHeader
  2. local function SetupHeader(self)
  3.   if not self.settings.setupHeader then return end
  4.   self:RegisterForClicks("AnyDown")
  5.   self:SetScript("OnEnter", UnitFrame_OnEnter)
  6.   self:SetScript("OnLeave", UnitFrame_OnLeave)
  7. end
  8. L.F.SetupHeader = SetupHeader

The nameplate base is clickable, that is all we need.

sezz 10-26-16 11:52 AM

Yeah, works fine now. No idea what went wrong when I created a simple test layout with only name text and health bar, guess the anchors were completely wrong and that's why it felt like I couldn't click them.

By the way, any idea why friendly player nameplates are now shown for units with missing health who aren't in my group? I think that's new for 7.1...

zork 10-26-16 12:32 PM

No clue. Still need to update the cvarlist of the nameplates. Not sure if they changed sth.
This is the live 7.0 to PTR 7.1 diff.

Still need to make a new one for 7.1 on live.

zork 10-31-16 01:33 AM

7.1 brought a lot of restrictions to nameplates. None of them affects oUF nameplates. :banana:

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