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Ellardy 12-03-06 05:53 PM

Request / Suggestion for Tradeskills
I was wondering if there is a mod out there, or one that can be made for tradeskills. One where you can filter the recipes by reagent. Like say you have a bunch of Goldthorn. Instead of going thru and clicking every recipe to see what uses Goldthorn, you can filter by "all recipes that use Goldthorn." To make it easier to find which would be the best use of your reagents.
So for example... You have your list of recipes. You click on one, it expands with the materials needed. You click on a material and a box on the side show's what other recipes use that reagent.
Or maybe just a "filter by" button at the top.
I've got more detailed ideas, but this is just a general message to see if there is one out there that does this or if its worth making one.
All though I don't really see this being useful for anything other than alchemy or enchanting.


tardmrr 12-04-06 01:42 AM

You should try FilterTradeSkill:

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