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galladriall 08-31-13 08:33 AM

Nui and DBM
Please help .....

I have been using Nui for a few years now along with DBM and never had an issue. For some reason now all my count downs (a dmb pull count down, or boss ability count downs that used to be on the right of my screen etc) have all gone!!

I have tried everything i can think of and can't seem to fix it. When I type /dbm to bring up a dbm help list nothing actually happens. It just tells me to type /help for a list of a few commands :(

Is this an NUI issue or should I just re-install DBM?
Can anyone tell me what i could have done to get rid of them and HOW THE HELL do I turn it all back on!!

Thanks very much!!

Seer 08-31-13 09:10 AM

If /dbm does nothing it either is not turned on anymore or not installed (properly).

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