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MinguasBeef 11-23-20 06:29 AM

Shift into cat form, prowl, rake
For some reason i'm unable to make a spammable macro to do the following...

Shift into cat(if not in cat)
Cast prowl (if in cat and out of combat)
Cast rake(if in stealth)

I tried this...


/cast [noform:2] Cat Form
/cast [nostealth] Prowl
/cast [form:2, stealth] Rake

Any ideas? If my global is coming back up and I spam it, it's always shifting me into cat, using prowl, and then leaving cat form instantly.

Here's a video showing what it looks like.

This video is when only pressing the hotkey once.

I also tried this and got the same results

/cast [noform:2] Cat Form
/cast [form:2, nostealth] Prowl
/cast [form:2, stealth] Rake

I think what is happening is when i’m spamming the ability, my client thinks I shift into cat before I really do (hence my bars changing) and since i’m still global’ed it is causing Prowl to be cast instead of Cat form. Prowl is putting me into cat form, and then the queued cat form is being cast (once my global is available) which is removing me from cat form.

SDPhantom 11-24-20 07:54 PM

First, you say yourself you can just use Prowl alone to end up stealthed and in Cat Form. You don't need to manually cast Cat Form.

Secondly, unexpected things can and do happen when you mash keys. When you do it with your current macro, you're sending lots of Cat Form requests and lots of Prowl ones. This wrecks havoc on toggle abilities since canceling them doesn't require the GCD. The client can do some prediction trickery, but ultimately, it's the server that decides what state you end up in. Latency is a thing we all have to deal with when it comes to client-server communication.

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