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front243 04-16-09 09:23 PM

Carbonite inside raid-instances
Hi, I never used Carbonite inside a raid before tonight. I was in Naxx and the Carbonite map kept showing an area outside the instance and player-positions were not updated. I had to enable the default mini-map partway through (it was in fact necessary on Maexxna in order to see player-"pings" when being wrapped).

Can Carbonite be configured somehow to function inside instances?

PS: Using version 3.1 released yesterday.

Mad Ghost 04-16-09 09:56 PM

I have the same issue. This would be super if this could be resolved in a near future update.:)

Haavok 04-16-09 10:47 PM

We are looking into this one. Map coordinates in instances (Northrend) are new with this patch and something we are planning on supporting in the future. Player positions on the minimap however should still be visible.

skyesfury 04-17-09 02:38 AM

I was actually gonna make a post asking if that was possible, Haavok.

EQ2 has had this capability from launch. I'm genuinely perplexed as to why Blizz has waited this long to implement this feature into WoW.

Lookin forward to Carbonite having this as part of its features, though.

Spahut 04-17-09 07:18 AM

Blizzard did NOT want this to be possible, that is why they didn't add it. Presumably they were afraid of bots auto grinding instances. I don't know why they have changed it now, perhaps they think their bot catching measures are good enough now.

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