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jlrm365 01-16-20 02:38 AM

Caligraphy addon (WQL section?)

The addon World Quests List has a section in it that assists with the calligraphy quests. It's really handy. I know there are other methods, such as raid markers, but I like that bit of the addon a lot.

The issue I have is that I use other addons for World Quests and only use World Quests List for those calligraphy quests.

Has anyone created an addon that does something similar - for the games in WoW or even specifically for the calligraphy quests? If not, would it be hard to isolate that part of World Quests List and make it a stand-alone addon?


Urtgard 01-16-20 04:02 PM

How does World Quests Lists helps you with that? Can you post a screenshot?

You know that you can do these quests while mounted?

Fizzlemizz 01-16-20 05:44 PM

It has a frame with a "circle" to show your progress, as you go around, the frame turns red when you go "out-of-bounds". These days the leeway for the amount you can go OoB is pretty slack.

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