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Stanzilla 06-23-16 04:40 PM

SavedVariables folder in the wrong spot
Logging in when the servers are down (guess, might be something else) creates a "SavedVariables" folder on the account level of the WTF dir which is and always will be empty.

Fizzlemizz 06-23-16 04:49 PM

You can get this on live as well.

Seerah 06-23-16 08:08 PM

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Originally Posted by Fizzlemizz (Post 315925)
You can get this on live as well.


Stanzilla 06-24-16 09:08 AM

Yeah I started reporting this during MoP, figured I could just do that again for this dev cycle. I was already told that it's known but low prio but doesn't hurt to keep it around in this forum.

SDPhantom 06-24-16 03:49 PM

I was wondering if they had an idea to implement installation-wide data storage and either scrapped the idea or just didn't commit to it.

jeffy162 06-25-16 07:07 AM

Is there anything actually IN the new folder? I had this happen on the PTR once (and on LIVE), but there was never anything in the folder. It's almost like the game had a "derp" moment.

Fizzlemizz 06-25-16 09:06 AM

It's always empty and "derp" pretty much sums it up.

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