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hasnogaems 09-06-19 11:55 AM

Sandbox to log in from old client
I have a need to log in from WoD client to see how my chracter binds and macros where. As you know any new expansion leave ui in a complete mess. So I would really like to find a way to just run around in my wod char like im in wod.
Any way to do it?
I tried to find WoD private server with insta max level, that failed.
Now I am trying to just emulate connection to the server, I will be fine with running across empty world and skills not working It would be just extremely convenient for me to see how they where.

Seerah 09-06-19 12:01 PM

A new expansion does not leave your UI and keybinds a mess. And what you have tried, and are talking about wanting to try, are all against Blizzard's rules and our rules.

jeffy162 09-06-19 12:10 PM

The simple answer is: you cannot. I don't have the knowledge to give you a comprehensive answer, but, suffice to say that it is impossible to do what you want to do.

DOH!!! Another example of what happens when you type abysmally slow.

SDPhantom 09-06-19 01:17 PM

Since the only talk of illegal activity was in solution to a problem and not part of the problem of itself, I'm going to sidestep all this talk of private servers and older WoW versions to suggest an alternative that doesn't involve all that.

Basically, go into your account and character settings folders.
Account: WTF/Account/<Account>
Character: WTF/Account/<Account>/<Server>/<Character>

In these, you'll be looking for and macros-cache.txt. If you can figure out how to parse through these yourself, then that's all you need. They're just text files you can open in Notepad or any text editor of your choice.

hasnogaems 09-06-19 08:09 PM

Do GMs maybe have acess to some sandbox realms with old patches?

Fizzlemizz 09-06-19 10:27 PM

Only the Blizzard gods know and I doubt they would tell without reason.

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