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Bellator 03-12-07 05:09 PM

WoW Books?
Anyone have a suggestion or if there is any books that explain WoW from the beginning, not the game but the world. Something like fantasy novels, the whole story line if it is available?

I never played the earlier stand alone versions of WoW. Thought it would be interesting to know how the world started, other than the narrative when you start a new toon, thats about all I know.



Cairenn 03-12-07 05:14 PM

Balsta 03-12-07 09:47 PM

There are several great novels as well. Start with the War of the Ancients trilogy explains alot about what is actually going on in game. There is also a book called Lord of the Clan ( I think thats correct) all about Thrall and his escape from Durnholde, which is now a Caverns of Time instance.

Also the Sunwell Trilogy is a graphic novel.

There are a few others as well. Check Amazon for a complete list.

Bellator 03-14-07 04:21 PM

Thanks, for the info guys, going to check both places. I mean who knew there was a storyline on Blizzards WoW site, duh! Somedays I amaze myself, lol.


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