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Tobiah 08-25-08 06:04 AM

Ping message on minimap
Is there a addon that gives like a little ping or text on screen when a mining yellow dot is on mini map?

I find my self looking more on minimap than the game cause i might miss one mining dot.

Thanks for any help

p3lim 08-25-08 06:28 AM

Theres no addon that can interact with nodes like that, its part of the game world and may not be modified as you wish. (looking at the minimap while farming mining/herb is part of the whole process)

Tobiah 08-25-08 06:39 AM

Ok, thanks.

Kaomie 08-25-08 10:05 AM

This has been discussed a couple times already, just search the forums.

For instance here:
or originally here:

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