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Cairenn 01-03-06 07:18 PM

1.9 Patch Insanity Stress Relief
Slouken, Iriel and I put our heads together at BlizzCon and came up with this idea for this round of stress relief:

If you could write one completely useless but utterly hilarious addon, what would it be/do?

Mirror thread on Blizz UI forum is here.

guice 01-03-06 07:30 PM

The one I wrote for EQ a loooooong time ago. Dolby and Kudane would probably remember it. Banana Man!

Osagasu_Jiyuu 01-03-06 07:37 PM

Something that would add dancing models to some part of my screen. I'd have an option to change between races and genders! *nod nod*

THUNDER_CHILD 01-03-06 10:04 PM

I would make a mod that turned me into a psychotic, nurotic, mulitple personality, A.D.D. person....with Tourette's. In any chat (/s, /raid, /g, etc.)

MadCow 01-03-06 10:29 PM

i would make an addon that played THIS whenever someone declined a duel.

Eilidh 01-05-06 02:20 AM

A map bar button that when clicked on said "Login Server Down"

Eilidh 01-05-06 03:41 AM

I'd also make a very BOFH mapmod.

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