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MNKyDeth 05-24-15 05:06 PM

Just saying hi :)
Been pretty quiet on these forums for a bit, just wanted to make sure the add-on is still active and such.

I also just wanted to put a thank you out there for keeping this great mod current.

sigg 05-24-15 11:42 PM

Yes of course but the problem at the moment is called The witcher 3

MNKyDeth 05-25-15 04:46 AM

Ahh very nice. I think I am waiting for a price drop on that game. I just bought a new car so funds are a bit short as I adjust to making car payments.

I keep telling myself I need to learn how to program as I am a hardware enthusiast. I just never know where to start. Maybe some pointers in that area if you are willing to direct me a little? Maybe with some good Lua howto's or something so I can feed the habit? :)

sigg 05-26-15 10:44 PM

A good starting point

MNKyDeth 05-28-15 10:13 AM

Thanks for that, trying to get my feet wet, seems easy and hard at the same time for me. I am trying to use the OpenRDX .lua files for examples to see if I can start understanding them at some point. They seem very complex to me.

I looked at the earliest version on wowinterface that is available hoping it would be a bit less complex and easier to understand but it hasn't happened for me yet.

I am curious, do you have any of the versions available or saved someplace that go back before WOTLK? BC or even Vanilla?

I am only interested in them for examples to see how OpenRDX has changed.

I am mostly just using to start learning the basics. Also, I know I can post in other places all my questions and such about Lua it's just that OpenRDX has been my mod of choice for so long that it just seems right to me to learn from it. I don't want to bother you so I will be taking most of my questions else where except when it mostly pertains to the OpenRDX mod.

Thanks for the link Sigg, appreciated.

sigg 05-28-15 10:47 AM

Unfortunately, the code of RDX is extremely complex and there is no documentation.

I know that the day I will leave, no one will be able to handle such a big project.

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