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deemaxm 11-03-12 04:14 AM

DeeUi 5 LF Feedback
DeeUi 5

Think all is clearly understandable beyond Weakaura groups so i will explain it short.
Over player unitframes there are 2 dinamic groups which show:
1. Trinket procs (grayscale)+ Tier 6 and defensive abilities that i should use on CD (green) <-left part
2. Important DPS procs - actions i has to use -important CD's ready to be used <-right part
3.Above all thoose icons there is my ignite tracker
4. Cooldowns are in a dinamic group under target unitframe.
Sorry for vuhdo option panel apearing in 3rd pic but couldnt find a quicker way to show raidframes.

Feedback highly apreciated

P.S i know colors are "Lego" like but it helps with prioritizing important stuff.

Tonyleila 11-03-12 07:51 AM

Round Nameplates don't fit to the rest.
Rest of the UI is nice if you can handel it :)
Is there anything on the bottem right side next to the minimap? Maybe 2. Chat window? Or is the transperent background just Design here?
Maybe you can put mail on the left side too, if it woud be shorter?

deemaxm 11-03-12 08:20 AM

Left near minimap is the Raid/Party/BG chat. Will think about fitting mail text into left side. Sadly i havent found any nameplate addon that can have same functionality like tidyplates :(( => debuffs on top, treath color, pixel font suport and filte ability. If you have any idea of square nameplate addon that can do this i would be verry thankfull.

Thank you verry much for feedback.

Tonyleila 11-03-12 03:30 PM

try dNamePlates
together with PlateBuffs

Or maybe also bNameplates is working:

maybe you can also just use an other tidyplates skin

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