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Cairenn 11-08-05 01:13 PM

Okay guys, enough
While it's flattering to know that some of you think I'm "hot", some of you are going too far in your "appreciation". Stop with the MILF pm's and emails. A "hey you're hot" is one thing. A "god you're a MILF" is something else. And the explicit ones are waaaay out of line. So far I've just been ignoring them all and deleting them. If they continue, though, I'm going to start banning. Repeat offenders *will* get banned.

Yes, a girl likes to know she's attractive. But come on, just because I'm one of the few visible females working in this industry doesn't mean you can act like that, nor that I appreciate it. Go back to treating me with the same sort of respect you were giving me before my pictures came out.

Andeh 11-08-05 01:32 PM

what pictures? :|

woofiest 11-08-05 02:59 PM

lots of pictures posted in this thread

and dang... sorry to hear that's happening to you with all those crazy PM.

/comfort-and-hugz Cairenn :)

noraj 11-08-05 07:09 PM


Originally Posted by Guillotine
/target Cairenn
/cast Healing Touch(Rank 10)
/cast Moonfire(rank 92942^17)
/s Don't be mean to Cairenn :(

I put on my wizard cape and hat?

Devla 11-08-05 07:48 PM

Reason #1 why I don't post pics of myself online

All the chicks would be sending me emails and PM's.

...wait a sec...

Cairenn 11-08-05 07:57 PM


Originally Posted by Devla
Reason #1 why I don't post pics of myself online

All the chicks would be sending me emails and PM's.

...wait a sec...

*chuckles at Devla*

Osagasu_Jiyuu 11-08-05 08:26 PM

I still have a Machette, Cair! >=D

Lemme at em! *brandishes Machette, stalks off, screams are heard in background*

Cairenn 11-08-05 08:31 PM


Thanks guys.

Hell, I don't mind flirting and joking around and stuff, that's old news. I'm a huge flirt, everyone knows that. And sure I'm flattered that some folks think I'm attractive, even after seeing my pictures. It was just the ones that were crossing those particular lines that shouldn't be crossed that were the problem.

Luckily, this thread does seem to be doing what it was intended to do, which is to stop those from continuing. All is good. :)

Osagasu_Jiyuu 11-08-05 09:48 PM

*wiping off blood* I know you're a flirt, that's the only reason why I'm nice to you. you're the only person that will even come remotely close to flirting with me, or half the WoWI regulars in general.

Just joking, I'm nice to you because you're one of the few geek girls I've ever met. and geek girls MUST BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS! ;)

Cairenn 11-08-05 09:51 PM



gariig 11-08-05 09:59 PM

OMG Girlz Don't Exist on teh Intarweb!!!!1
Appropriate read:

Cairenn 11-08-05 10:12 PM

LOL! Slouken thought it would be funny to mock the fact that no one believes real girls are involved in this industry and made up a sign which he pinned to the back of my t-shirt the first day of the 'con.


I know someone took a picture of it. If anyone sees it, please let me know? I want to add it to my collection. :)

shouryuu 11-09-05 10:04 AM

This, is really a nice phrase.
"Her existence revolves around the fact that Mathematics is the key to the universe, and that she alone is the square root of all evil."

Great read by the way, although I must disagree on this part ( which isn't in the linked article, but one of the articles. This one
"Our fear of snakes is in our genes.."

This means a lot of things on the gentic field. First of all, I'd really like to know which genes code for "fear of snakes".

Secondly, if this were true it would mean that our genes change according to our environment, which is how things are generaly assumed but totally false. By "changes according to our environment" I mean that our genes will adapt, so that they best suit our needs for our survival in a certain environment. An example would be someone telling me "I'm quite sure people in alaska have thicker skin, which allows better heat conservation, than people living in the desert. That's because it's colder in Alaska than in the Sahara, so they need to keep all the heat they have as best as possible. This led them to evolve thicker skin.".

That claim is complete crap. An example on how evolution works. In the early 19th century in Manchester we studied the changes in population of white moth. These moth would hide on trees with white truncs and braches during the day, which would camouflage them from birds and other predators. We discovered a genetical default in these moth: a small percentage of them were born black. These "black" moth died far quicker then the white ones because birds would see them hiding on the white trees. This was consider as a handicap.

But with the Industrial Revolution, and the polution coming from the coal, the white trees turned black. So now, it was the white moth who would get spotted far easier that the black ones. So all the white ones were eaten, and became the minority. Being a black moth, then, was not considered a handicap anymore, but an aid. So the moth did not evolve to become black because the trees became black, but most of the white ones died because the trees became black.

To complete the alaskian analogy, let's say 10 people went to colonize alaska 2 million years ago. out of those 10 people 3 of them had thick skin. During the harsh alaskian winter,6 of the others, with their fragile skin, all died of cold, while all the ones with thick skins survived. There remainded 4 people, 3 with thick skin, and 1 with fragile skin. These people had children, which in their turn had children and so forth, all passing their gene of thick and fragile skin. The descendents of the one with fragile skin had less of a change to survive, that's why people most people now have thick skin in alaska.

So, there is no way you can alter your genetic code, there is no way you can print in your code "be afraid of snakes" just because you should be. It's not because it's cold that you'll evolve thicker skin, and it's not because tree truncs turn black that moths do as well. If we could evolve like that, I'd never be hungry, never be cold, never be tired and so forth...

Rapture 11-09-05 11:40 AM

On Topic:

Some people just don't understand when to stop. Internet related sexual harrassment is a big problem now adays. Kids... such fools.

Off Topic (Snakes, psychology, genetics, and Darwinian theories):

Being afraid of snakes is a self defense mechanism in our brains. Most people don't understand them, so they immediately fear or hate them. A good example of this is a racoon. I myself used to be slightly bothered by them. I hated them because what everyone else said (rabies, vicious animals, etc). Then I came across a baby racoon and gave it a home. It turned out to be one of the best pets I ever had. Much like a cat, but with the obedience of a dog.

Anyways, fears are not a genetic trait, merely a psychological one. Freud would probably say it is related to events in a person's childhood. There are some things we instictively know to avoid (not fear), such as certain colored animals (I.E. black and yellow bugs). There are very few creatures on this planet that pass along memories via DNA, and of those creatures, they are all insects. So to say specific fears are genetic is to say that humans have evolved on a very grand scale. The possibilities of human knowledge would be emense if we could do that.

Enough of my psychosemantics,

shouryuu 11-09-05 12:11 PM


Originally Posted by Guillotine
-Shouryuu... Isn't that a bit off topic?.

That's like if you asked me not to do my job... sheesh... :P
And yes you are right, but I doubt the article considered it as you did.

Cairenn 11-09-05 03:21 PM

*Laughs at Shouryuu*

Keovar 11-09-05 08:52 PM

While you are a good looking lady (+ red/auburn hair :) ), and being a gamer is a plus, I can't fathom why someone would think that they'd come off as anything less than creepy by going there with it. Besides it being socially retarded, it's also intellectually retarded to be disrespecting your hostess. Can Asperger's Syndrome be that common?

stinkydawg 11-10-05 10:39 AM

LOL, loved the article, but I am the GM for an adult only guild on Uther, and I think my guildies would be quite surprised to find that there are no girls in game. Especially since about half of my guild is actually female, and the other half are their boyfriends, hubbies, etc...

I am very sorry to hear that you have had problems like this on this site. I thought the people heere were more mature than that.

Cairenn 11-10-05 10:52 AM

Most of them are. The ones that were crossing the line were ones whose names I don't recognize, newly registered, etc. Either way, the *inappropriate* PMs and emails have stopped, so I'm happy. :)

Vayder 11-27-05 06:10 PM

Your a girl, you play WoW, your a forum moderator. itll prolly never stop. its always the same. even in EQ it was the same. loved to watch all the fat kids and super geeks go nuts when they found out it was a REAL girl playing that girl character. lol :D

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