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Cairenn 01-18-10 07:28 AM

Looking for an artist
for a personal project.

I'm bored of my avatar. It's time for something new. Unfortunately, I have basically zero artistic talent (and not much more cash ). I'm just wondering if there might be anyone out there willing to at least talk to me about making something for me. We can talk about what I think I want, get some suggestions from you (whoever you are) and see if we can come to an agreement on price, etc. May also talk to you about a couple other projects as well, depending on what you'd want for compensation.

If anyone is potentially interested, please contact me privately.

Amenity 01-18-10 09:00 PM

Oh Cairenn, you poor're doing it wrong.

Don't worry, though. I can help!

And if you really, really have a MIGHTY NEED! for a MIGHTY AVATAR!, then here you go (WARNING: Use at your own risk!):

Ohhh....the power....of the makes me feel all tingly! :D

Cairenn 01-18-10 09:47 PM


Ferous 01-22-10 03:52 AM

Hey Cairenn, maybe check out DeviantArt for ideas? :)

Cairenn 01-22-10 07:45 AM

That's where I found this girl, and got the permission of the artist to use her. :)

(The link to it has always been in my sig file)

Yhor 01-22-10 12:30 PM

*hugs* to the fair red haired Elvish lady.

I think a little more information on what you're after might be needed (if you are getting few responses). Not enough to -give it away-, but enough to know if someone thinks they might be capable or not.

Just a thought. :)

Sepioth 01-22-10 03:35 PM

You should make it into some sort of contest contest .. winner gets something like a free subscription to the sites or maybe something similar.

You post what your looking for and the artists post their entries here. Be fun to see the entries. :D

Cairenn 01-22-10 04:11 PM

I considered that briefly, but it seemed way too .... hmmmm .... egotistical? .... of me. Not sure egotistical is quite the right word, but not sure what is. Definitely self-serving. Just doesn't seem quite right to me.

The reason I'm looking for a new avatar (and actually a new sig graphic as well, along with a third image that I still need to think more about) is because while I have Raf's permission to be using this girl as my current avatar, it's one thing to use her on here, it's something else entirely to use her on say business cards or what have you. I want to get some images that I have total and complete rights to.

If you guys really want, though, I can post some more details.

Amenity 01-22-10 05:55 PM

Well, what exactly is it you have in mind? When you toss "business card" into that mix it makes me think you're looking for something with a more professional look (as opposed to naturist/hippie/Antioch art student), and something more "graphic design" than "drawing/painting".

Cairenn 01-23-10 05:56 AM

Okay, this is some of what I've given a couple other people that asked for more info:


Avatar I need something that looks good even when shrunk down to a max of 120 X 120 pixels. Sig would be max 350 pixels wide by 150 high.

Cairenn (the MMORPG persona) is always an elven archer. She is supposed to sorta look like me (or how I always wished I looked ;) ). Green-hazel eyes, red-brown hair, slim-ish. I can link images for you of what the elves look like in the various games, but I want it to actually look more "real", kinda the way my current one is, rather than looking like a character in a game, in part because it has to be generic enough that it could be for any game, rather than one specific look. As always, I love unicorns. Ummm, not sure what else to tell you.
I am hoping for something that could have a small version on the corner of a business card, or a "full sized" version that could be on a t-shirt, etc. Something that is much like my current avatar, or the person in the image I have thumbnailed below as the link to my personal site. Along those lines. And something that can be continued from an avatar to a sig image. (Obviously with more stuff added to it than just the image of 'Cairenn'.)

My personal web page with some of the various avatars and signatures I've had over the years:

Ferous 01-23-10 07:25 PM

Heres an idea!

the artist is here:

I will post more! :O Maybe if you like you can ask the author... but i will post more ideas :P

edit - I reread what you wrote and you like real avatars :P So I will look for those :O

Yhor 01-24-10 07:34 PM


Originally Posted by Ferous (Post 175841)

edit - I reread what you wrote and you like real avatars :P So I will look for those :O

She also wants something that is "hers", in the respect that she has full control over it's limitations/restrictions.


Originally Posted by Cairenn
I want to get some images that I have total and complete rights to.

That is a pretty awesome piece though.

Ferous 01-24-10 07:39 PM

I would make something for you Cairenn although I have no means atm to make anything. now.. If I had a Wacom Pen tablet, which I plan to get sometime, then I would make something for you that you could totally have yourself :)

When I do get one, regardless of you getting a new avatar or not, I will make some thing for you :)

Cairenn 01-25-10 12:09 AM

*Hugs* Thanks Ferous. :)

Ross 01-26-10 01:01 PM

You can check out some of the stuff I done here:

This is my newest one:

I can't draw worth crap but making sigs from stocks and such I can do :)

Ferous 02-11-10 12:58 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Well, i was extremely bored and was messing with lol and, mind you I don't have a Pen tablet lol but this is the best I can do with 20 min and a mouse...

This also doesn't do justice either to you lol nor my artistic skills :( I will.. make you something at least better ha! lol

Xrystal 02-11-10 01:08 AM


Originally Posted by Ross (Post 176183)
You can check out some of the stuff I done here:

This is my newest one:

I can't draw worth crap but making sigs from stocks and such I can do :)

Awww, so cute that one ... the first word that came into my mind then was .... bird. rofl.

wurmfood 02-11-10 02:16 AM

Though I'm not an artist, someone who does stuff you might be interested in is Jason Beam. He's a fantastic artist and can probably work with pictures of you to create what you want. I have no idea how much it might cost, but it would be something that you could get full rights to and is fantastic work.

Cairenn 02-11-10 08:46 AM

Thanks guys. Putting the project on hold for now though. Appreciate all the offers anyway. :)

(And yeah, first thing I thought of, too, was 'bird!' :) )

Ferous 05-11-10 07:16 PM

Hey Cairenn, I was going to work on something, but I don't want to say that I will complete it nor will it be maybe up to your standards, but I'm going to try. I found a very nice stock photo on deviantart of a Huntress Archer, and I will be busy drawing this for you :) Why you say? Well, I'm bored, out of idea's, and I need more practice anyhow. I will let you know, if I actually get it going and it is looking cool :) Red hair, green eyes, and yes, she is an archer elf :) err, she will be.

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