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matt7157 09-26-13 09:10 PM

not working
I downloaded the new carbonite and put it in my addons folder and it still says its out of date funny thing is in my addon folder therers only the carbonite addons so where are all my other addons. What a pain in the ass

Chmee 09-27-13 07:38 AM

When you unzip the archive, you get a single folder - Carbonite 6.1 or whatever it is. Inside that folder are the folders for the addons that make up Carbonite, one of which is named simply "Carbonite". Take all those folders out of their enclosing folder and put them at the root level of your addons folder. The structure should then be something like this:

..Carbonite Items

Now take the empty Carbonite 6.1 folder and dump it in the trash.

myrroddin 09-27-13 07:46 AM

The out of date message really has no meaning other than a warning from Blizzard that a given AddOn *may* be incompatible. Blizzard, each time you have to accept the Terms of Service, disables outdated AddOns.

The solution is simple:
  1. On the character select screen, click the AddOns button on the lower left
  2. In the new window, top right, turn on load out of date addons
  3. Accept the change, and load the game

If, after that, an AddOn still does not work, then it truly is not compatible, not just possibly incompatible. Many AddOn authors never update the compatibility flag in their AddOns if the AddOns actually still work.

Think of it this way: Microsoft Office 2010 still works on Windows 8; making Office 2013, assuming no other change than changing the year, is not necessary. However, if Office 2010 did not work on Windows 8, then Microsoft releases Offfice 2013 that makes all required changes.

Anyway, back to AddOns: remember to turn that flag on every time you are asked to accept the Terms of Service.

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