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Cairenn 09-16-05 03:18 PM

WoWInterface needs you!
Or more correctly, mod authors need you. As posted by one of the authors here:


Originally Posted by Quu
one of the mod sites should create a beta testing team of people... people who want to help mod developers... but don't have the skill or desire to code them selves. At work a good QC/SI group is a great asset to the development team. if i could get soemthing 1 tenth as competant as our testers here at work for mods i would be in heaven.

So, let's run with it. Anyone interested in being part of a mod beta testing team?

Devla 09-16-05 03:53 PM

Zomg I Wun 2 Test Plz [email protected]!>@!???

Cairenn 09-16-05 03:55 PM

ROFL! Silly Devla! *hugs*

gaelynn334 09-16-05 03:57 PM

I would be interested in helping,since i really can't do the modding bit well hehe.

Orishun 09-16-05 04:16 PM

Mega Beta Tester
I always test and try new mods for WoW. I am new to the site but i am willing to put in any amount of effort needed to reply on mods.

cynicalporkchop 09-16-05 04:23 PM

Count me in
I'd love to volunteer to test new and innovative mods for WoW. I usually spend as much time tweaking and playing around with the new posts than i do actually playing! I seldom cant find a way to make a mod fit, but I'm always looking for "the better mousetrap". Count me In!

Random 09-16-05 04:28 PM

Count me in, Cair.

Cairenn 09-16-05 04:54 PM

This is the sort of thing you'll be looking forward to, though:


Originally Posted by Quu
sadly it is alot of work

it would have to have the various classes and races represented. It would also have to either have every build... or people willing to respec alot.

it would take people with attention to details... having a full bug report is important.

it would take people with patience... having to do the same thing over and over again

but... if done right you could even have a list of tested mods...

imagine being able to publish a list of mods that have been tested and proved by the group of beta testers... if done right... its something that would be a great boon to the community.

gaelynn334 09-16-05 05:40 PM

Sounds like fun,still count me in :)

Quu 09-16-05 07:19 PM

wee... a whole thread dedicated to an insane idea...

ok... I am a profesional developer for a large telecom company... so sadly... i know alot about this... but not alot at the same time. I am currently in the loadtest portion of the development life cycle...

first thing you will need a "leader" or a group of leaders... small group.
This is important becasue you need a central point of authority, controll, and accountability.
Management experiance is a must here. This (these) people don't need to do the testing, but manage and audit the results of the testing. There is going to be alot of subjective results flowing past, and the manager or leader will need to make sure that more than one tester does the testing of each... to confirm results

controlling the envinronment. Testing will need to be done in a controlled fashion. a mod needs to be tested in a vacume... and with other mods to see if it stomps on anything. They key is to find what the mod does... test it... then run it at the same time as other mods to find conflicts.

third... reports and data
a stndardized report will need to be made so the testers can easily gather the data... and to help guide them on what data to gather. then displaying and formating the results would be the job of the leader or manager... showing what was tested for each mod... and what mods it was tested with at the same time

little lessons i have learned the hard way
the pc and mac client are different... test on both. Multi Assist did not work in the mac client at first until the 1.7.0 patch

the different localizations can behave different... not just translations... cure poison is rank "" (blank) on an enlgish client... and "Rang 1" on a german client

the wierdest conflicts can happen due to lazy programers and global variables... two mods that should not int he least way ever touch each other can conflic due to the way lua handles names and scope... never assume two things won't conflict


Cairenn 09-16-05 07:36 PM


Originally Posted by Quu
wee... a whole thread dedicated to an insane idea...

Well, what makes it such an insane idea? If folks are willing, then there's no reason why we can't at least work towards it. Sure, we're talking volunteers, not a professional, paid, group of people, but still ...

What it takes is folks willing to step up and help make it happen. WoWInterface is (obviously) willing to do what we can to help make it happen. We've got forum space aplenty, to create feedback forms, gather data, get folks in touch with one another to try things out. I, personally, can't necessarily volunteer to lead any of the testing teams in-game or anything, I've got way too many other things on my hands as it is, but that doesn't mean that I am not willing to do what I can to help. We've got some users who have already posted that they are willing to do what they can. We just need to decide whether we're going to try to accomplish this or not, and have folks actually step up and do it.

We will also, obviously, need the participation of the mod authors. We will need you guys to tell us what you need checked, what you are looking for, that you want us to test your mod in the first place, work with us from the feedback given, provide the updates, etc.

It's up to the entire community as to whether or not this can happen. You guys decide. We'll do whatever we can to back you up on it. Just ask, and we'll tell you if we can provide it. :)

Iriel 09-16-05 08:19 PM

UI's dont need QUITE the degree of testing as telecom equipment or medical devices, where often upgrading or fixing after deployment is impractical, infeasible, or in some cases impossible. Addons dont NEED that kind of rigorous all-cases/all-eventualities oversight, which isn't to say it wouldn't be nice, but it would be a tremendous waste of time and resources.

What addons need is a diverse group of testers, with reasonable communications skills (to properly interpret instructions, and to formulate bug reports), with a masochistic streak (things will fail sometimes), preferably who know how their class is supposed to work so they can provide informed feedback.

If some bizarre quirky case slips through, it can be fixed in a revision.

Kyales 09-17-05 02:09 AM

More than happy
I would be more than happy to test mods. I have characters of just about every class across all server types.

Kiri 09-17-05 12:23 PM

Sign me up.. :cool:

Gimsay 09-18-05 10:26 PM

I would be glad to help out with trying anything out

apad 09-19-05 07:02 PM

lvl 60 undead warrior Sargeras server.

Willing to test for the good of the community.

Kelben 09-20-05 08:36 PM

Most interested in testing a mod(s) out - provided there are standalone ones, not too interested in testing out a conversion package

Kelben 09-26-05 11:03 AM

*raises hand*

has anything come of this?

Tocho 09-26-05 03:37 PM

Sure, Why not
I'd be willing to test out a mod or two. One Caveat however, it might be a good idea to have a couple of teams to test mods according to class, level, etc... I have a 60 War and am currently working up a shammy. I WILL NOT test out something for !#%!#^ Pallys... lol... know what I mean?


vidarc 09-26-05 10:47 PM

I can help out in any manner. Have a spare computer that I could run a clean UI on.

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